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Psychomania – 1971
Ride with the Living Dead!
Don Sharp

Arnaud d’Usseau
Julian Zimet (as Julian Halevy)

Andrew Donally producer

Nicky Henson – Tom
Mary Larkin – Abby
Ann Michelle – Jane
Roy Holder – Bertram
Denis Gilmore – Hatchet
Miles Greenwood – Chopped Meat
Peter Whitting – Gash
Rocky Taylor – Hinky
Robert Hardy – Chief Inspector Hesseltine
Patrick Holt – Sergeant
Alan Bennion – Constable
John Levene – Constable
Beryl Reid – Mrs. Latham
George Sanders – Shadwell
Jacki Webb – Mother
David Millett – Father
Linda Gray – Grandmother
Andrew Laurence – Grandfather
Roy Evans – Motorist
Bill Pertwee – Publican
Seretta Wilson – Stella
Denis Carey – Coroner’s Assistant
Stanley Stewart – Petrol Pump Attendent
Lane Meddick – Mr. Pettibone
June Brown – Mrs. Pettibone
Ann Murray – Motorist
Fiona Kendall – Monica
Ernest C. Jennings – Blind Man
Martin Boddey – Coroner
Heather Wright – Girl with Parcels
Penny Leatherbarrow – Woman in Police Station
Larry Taylor – Lorry driver (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

Psychomania (1971)

Rubbish But Entertaining Rubbish,
I remember seeing PSYCHOMANIA as a child when it was broadcast one Friday night many years ago and I also remember liking it very much. Having just seen it again minutes ago I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a ridiculous movie but it still remains a very likeable movie.

Yes it’s total and absolute rubbish with a plot that doesn’t bare scrutiny, some totally unconvincing performances by actors who’d be at home on some provincial stage, lines that will have you laughing out loud complete with some cheesy folk and rock muzak but that’s the whole point of why I found this movie an entertaining experience.

I could remember much of the dialogue and scenes from my childhood and after seeing them again they’re just as I remember them, scenes like the policeman asking the guitar playing tearaway to ” Come down here ” and the bit where the cops hide in the mortuary with the camera turning 360 degrees to show … ah but that would be telling.

If I have a problem with the movie it’s down to the fact that the script is a little thread bare and very uncomplicated which means it’s not a movie you can watch over and over again, and it should be pointed out the ending is a bit of a cop out but if I had the choice of watching this to a prize winning art house flick I’d watch PSYCHOMANIA every time.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering where they’ve seen the desk constable at the police station he’s the legendary John Levene who used to play Sgt Benton in DOCTOR WHO

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