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Psychic Killer

Psychic Killer – 1975
Ray Danton (as Raymond Danton)

Mikel Angel
Greydon Clark
Ray Danton (as Raymond Danton)

Greydon Clark associate producer
Larry Huly associate producer
Mardi Rustam producer
Mohammed Rustam executive producer

Paul Burke – Lt. Morgan
Jim Hutton – Arnold Masters
Julie Adams – Dr. Laura Scott
Nehemiah Persoff – Dr. Gubner
Neville Brand – Lemonowski
Rod Cameron – Dr. Commanger
Whit Bissell – Dr. Taylor
Mary Charlotte Wilcox – Nurse Burnson (as Mary Wilcox)
Judith M. Brown – Anne (as Judith Brown)
Della Reese – Mrs. Gibson
Joseph Della Sorte – H.B. Sanders
Greydon Clark – Sgt. Sowash
Johnny Dennis – Frank (as John Dennis)
Stack Pierce – Emilio
Harry Holcombe – Judge
Robin Raymond – Jury foreman (as Robyn Raymond)
Jerry James – Dr. Cummings
Diane Deininger – Arnold’s mother
Bill Quinn – Hospital coroner
Marland Proctor – Motorcycle cop
Walter O. Miles – Coroner (as Walter Miles)
Mello Alexandria – Cop
Sandra Rustam – Young yirl
Aldo Ray – Lt. Anderson

Review by Sven Soetemans

Norman Bates goes psychedelic
As a result of being wrongfully accused of murdering a doctor and being put in a mental institution, Arnold Masters plans bloody vengeance on everyone directly or indirectly responsible for the death of his poor old mother. Luckily (for him) he inherited a medallion carrying a supernatural force and this allows Arnold’s spirit to step out of the body and to commit the murders without leaving a trace.

The premise of “Psychic Killer” is giant nonsense but it does guarantee a lot of fun and thrills. Besides, there are more than enough elements that indicate that this movie shouldn’t be taken too seriously, like the over-the-top acting and the exaggeratedly ludicrous killings.

This movie looks suspiciously much like a standard Roger Corman production: the budget is extremely low, but the ingeniousness of the script and the enthusiasm of the B-cast widely make up for it (Neville Brand and Julie Adams are particularly splendid). In case you like older horror and you have a morbid sense of humor, you’re destined to like this cute piece of 70’s schlock.

The climax is tremendously hilarious and it looks quite a lot like a demented version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. No essential viewing whatsoever, but a gigantically entertaining ‘video-nasty’ I can’t recommend highly enough

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