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Puppet on a Chain

Puppet on a Chain – 1970

Geoffrey Reeve

Alistair MacLean also novel
Don Sharp
Paul Wheeler

Kurt Unger producer
Review by Theo RobertsonCast
Sven-Bertil Taube – Paul Sherman
Barbara Parkins – Maggie
Alexander Knox – Col. De Graaf
– Insp. Van Gelder
Vladek Sheybal – Meegeren
Ania Marson – Astrid Lemay
Penny Casdagli – Trudi
Peter Hutchins – The Assassin
Drewe Henley – Jimmy Duclos
Henni Orri – Herta
Stewart Lane – George Lemay
Mark Malicz – Morgenstern
Michael Mellinger – Hotel Manager
Wil Sibbelee – (uncredited)

Puppet on a Chain (1970)

Bond Wannabe,
Wow Paul Sherman is one badass secret agent. Look what he does to that man in the hotel bedroom, he’s someone who takes no prisoners and makes James Bond look like a total wimp.

But that’s the problem with PUPPET ON A CHAIN; Sven Bertil Taube is no Sean Connery and lacks the presence needed to convincingly play a ruthless secret agent. I also found it strange that if the story is set in Holland that nearly everyone speaks with either an American or British accent except for Paul Sherman who’s supposed to be American but has a noticeable European accent.

Still this is a fairly good, though slightly dumb thriller, which does feature go- go dancers. How many Bond films can claim that?

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