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What Have They Done To Your Daughters

What Have They Done To Your Daughters -1974
La Polizia chiede aiuto
Massimo Dallamano

Massimo Dallamano screenplay
Ettore Sanzò screenplay
Ettore Sanzò story

Giovanna Ralli – Asst. Dist. Atty. Vittoria Stori
Claudio Cassinelli – Insp. Silvestri
Mario Adorf – Insp. Valentini
Franco Fabrizi – Bruno Paglia (photographer)
Farley Granger – Mr. Polvesi
Marina Berti – Mrs. Polvesi
Paolo Turco
Corrado Gaipa
Micaela Pignatelli – Rosa
Ferdinando Murolo – Giardina
Salvatore Puntillo
Eleonora Morana
Sherry Buchanan – Silvia Polvesi
Roberta Paladini
Luigi Antonio Guerra
Renata Moar
Adriana Falco
Clara Zovianoff
Leonardo Severini
Lorenzo Piani – Doctor
Francesco D’Adda – Doctor
Attilio Dottesio – Coroner

Review by Sven Soetemans

Gripping mix of tension and bad Italian teens,
The lifeless body of an attractive teen girl is found in a dusty attic. She’s hung and everything points in the direction of a suicide. Closer investigations, however, points out that the girl has been murdered elsewhere before dragged into the attic. The discovery of the corpse slowly unravels a network of teen-prostitution in which several eminent civilians are involved. This hardens the police investigation while the killer (on a motorcycle and carrying an authentic butcher knife) is still on the loose.

`What Have They Done to your Daughters’ is kind of like a sequel to `Solange’ (or fully entitled: What have you done to Solange’). The stories don’t follow each other but they handle about similar events: young schoolgirls caught in a web of unsettling and sleazy affairs. Both films are above average gialli, with an incredibly high tension-level and killer musical scores.

Even though `Solange’ upholds the mystery longer and more efficiently, this film contains a little more action. Best example to state this is the extended police car versus motorcycle chase through the beautiful streets of Italy. The budgets, however, are low so don’t expect blood-soaked murders like the ones featuring in Dario Argento gialli.

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