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What Have You Done To Solange

What Have You Done To Solange – 1972
Cosa avete fatto a Solange?
Massimo Dallamano

Bruno Di Geronimo (story) &
Massimo Dallamano (story)
Peter M. Thouet (screenplay) &
Bruno Di Geronimo (screenplay) &
Massimo Dallamano (screenplay)
Edgar Wallace novel The Clue of the New Pin (uncredited in italian version)

Fulvio Lucisano producer
Leo Pescarolo producer (as Leonardo Pescarolo)
Horst Wendlandt producer (uncredited)

Fabio Testi – Enrico ‘Henry’ Rosseni
Karin Baal – Herta Rosseni
Joachim Fuchsberger – Inspector Barth
Cristina Galbó – Elizabeth Seccles
Camille Keaton – Solange Beauregard
Günther Stoll – Professor Bascombe
Claudia Butenuth – Brenda Pilchard
Maria Monti – Mrs. Erickson
Pilar Castel – Janet Bryant
Giovanna Di Bernardo – Helen
Rainer Penkert – Mr. Leach, the headmaster
Marco Mariani – Father Webber
Emilia Wolkowicz – Ruth Holden
Antonio Anelli –
Daniele Micheletti – Mr. Bryant
Giancarlo Badessi – Mr. Erickson
Carla Mancini – Girl in Enrico’s class
Vittorio Fanfoni – Enrico’s friend
Antonio Casale – Mr. Newton (as Anthony Vernon)

Review by Sven Soetemans

Pure Giallo-gold! Easily one of the most compelling films I ever saw!
An authentic and purely story-driven Giallo. That’s how to describe this film best. `Solange’ easily is one of the most compelling films I ever saw and the plot is pure gold! Several girls from a strict Catholic school are brutally murdered by a priest (or someone who’s disguised as a priest). Police and teachers are unable to locate the killer, and prevent further deaths. Enrico, the handsome young teacher who has a romantic interest in one of the student, becomes the main suspect pretty quick. After he’s proven innocent, he teams up with his estranged wife and decides to unmask the murderer himself.

You really have to be careful when promoting this film to potential viewers. The film actually is one giant mystery that never stops developing itself. The synopsis I described above may sound dreadfully typical and dj-vu, but you don’t know half of it, I swear. That’s what I appreciated so much about this film. The plot never stops thickening and the entire background of the killings isn’t revealed until the very last minute! For example…I was closely paying attention to all the girls who get killed, but not once the name `Solange’ is mentioned until the police and other amateur detectives are already on a dead end with their guesses and investigations.

I think the whole premise is terrifically kept secret to the viewer and the clues are only given one by one. Let me tell you, this film digs real deep! You can’t but respect the writing talent that features in this film.

Unfortunately, “Solange” isn’t a visual masterpiece like other specialists like Dario Argento make them. The budget clearly is limited and the film doesn’t contain as much stylish gruesomeness as `Profondo Rosso’, for example. But the substance is there, and in cases like this, it’s more than enough to keep you entertained. Another praise goes out to the musical guidance. Ennio Morricone supplied this film with a wondrous and memorable score that lifts up the film to an even higher dimension. The opening sequence is burnt on my retina forever thanks to the music, which surely is Morricone’s most effective non-western scores I heard till now. The acting performances are in conformity with the Italian standards…not highly impressive but bearable. Camille Keaton plays the mysterious `Solange’ character. This name might ring a bell if you’re a trained horror lover, as she played the leading role in the notorious film `I spit on your Grave’.

In the rather exclusive cult-horror universe, this film stands as a masterpiece in my opinion. Admirers of rare, undiscovered gems will truly appreciate this film and regard it as highly as I do. `Solange’ comes with my highest possible recommendation.

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