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The Curious Dr Humpp

The Curious Dr Humpp (1971)
La Venganza del Sexo

Emilio Vieyra
Jerald Intrator

Emilio Vieyra

Orestes Trucco
Emilio Vieyra

Ricardo Bauleo – George
Gloria Prat – Rachel
Aldo Barbero – Dr. Humpp
Susana Beltrán – Enfermera
Justin Martin – Barman
Michel Angel
Mary Albano
Al Bugatti
Héctor Biuchet – Policía
Greta Williams
Alex Klapp
Norbert Nelson

Review by Sven Soetemans

“Curious” is an understatement!,

“The Curious Dr. Humpp” certainly is one of the craziest movies I ever saw and it excellently shows just how low exploitation-filmmakers in the 70’s were prepared to sink in order to blend gratuitous sleaze with nasty horror premises. The story is utter nonsense but it really is great fun to see how deranged this film is. Dr. Humpp is a mad scientist who kidnaps people whilst experiencing any form of sexual pleasure (couples making out, masturbation, orgies, lesbians, strippers…) and he surgically steals their libidos! You see, he needs the virility in order to stay alive! He has an army of horribly deformed accomplices (medical experiments gone wrong) and a nurse who constantly begs him to physically abuse her.

If all this isn’t odd enough for you just yet, we’ll throw in a talking brain in a jar that rants about world-domination! This movie is exclusively meant for avid cult-collectors, since it features nothing but weirdness and cheese. Tons of nudity and poorly filmed violence is all it has got to offer; yet I had a great time watching it. The make-up on the ‘monsters’ is rather cool and the jazzy musical guidance works too.

If it weren’t for this movie, I never would have known that Argentina was active in the 70’s exploitation industry as well. If you like bizarre, check out this flick!

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