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The Culpepper Cattle Company

The Culpepper Cattle Company – 1972
Dick Richards

Dick Richards
Eric Bercovici
Gregory Prentiss

Jerry Bruckheimer
Paul Helmick

Gary Grimes – Ben Mockridge
Billy Green Bush – Frank Culpepper, Cattle drive boss (as Billy “Green” Bush)
Luke Askew – Luke, Drover
Bo Hopkins – Dixie Brick, Drover
Geoffrey Lewis – Russ Caldwell, Drover
Wayne Sutherlin – Missoula, Drover
John McLiam – Thorton Pierce, Rich Landowner
Matt Clark – Pete, Drover
Raymond Guth – Cook, Culpepper Outfit
Anthony James – Brother Nathaniel Green
Charles Martin Smith – Tim Slater, Ben’s Friend
Larry Finley – Mr. Slater
Bob Morgan – Old John
Jan Burrell – Mrs. Mockridge

Review by Theo Robertson

The Culpepper Cattle Company (1972)
A Great Film That Has Jerry Bruckheimer In The Credits !,
I normally hate westerns but I could watch THE CULPEPPER CATTLE COMPANY over and over again. This is a bleak nihilistic extremely well written western that’s also understated. Don’t you get a feeling that Frank Culpepper built his cattle business through illegal activities? This is never disclosed but the signs are there. Best of all is the characterisation, man there’s some really nasty people here, imagine the school bullies from hell riding about on horses and you’ve got the idea and the cast make the most of their roles, special mention goes to Geoffrey Lewis and Bo Hopkins. The only reason I can think off why IMDB members have given this film a relatively low vote is because they’re turned off by the violence and amorality of this film. Well I guess if you were brought up on the all American values of John Wayne’s wild west THE CULPEPPER CATTLE COMPANY may very well shock you.
Perhaps the most shocking thing is the fact that the associate producer is one Jerry Bruckheimer ! Yes it’s that Jerry Bruckheimer the man who produced shallow popcorn blockbusters like BEVERLY HILLS COP, TOP GUN, ARMAGEDDON and PEARL HARBOR and who is probably the most powerful figure in Hollywood today
But don’t let the name of Bruckheimer put you off this great film, this is every bit as great as THE WILD BUNCH which also featured Bo Hopkins in a similar role

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