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Remember Me This Way

Remember Me This Way – 1974

Bob Foster
Ron Inkpen

Bob Foster
Ron Inkpen

Mike Leander executive producer
Laurence Myers producer

Gary Glitter – (as Paul Gadd)

Review by Theo Robertson

Remember Me This Way (1974)

Remember – Both Music And Film Don`t Get Much Worse Than This,
It’s difficult to remember when popular culture was much worse than the mid 1970s. Television was truly great however as the great Jon Pertwee gave way to Tom Baker’s gothic horror era as Doctor Who and there was a new cop show in Britain called THE SWEENEY. Sadly these television golden moments weren’t matched by music or fashion as the most successful pop star in Britain at the time was a short 30 something bloke in a wig called Gary Glitter. GG first hit the charts in 1972 with a more or less instrumental single called Rock And Roll Part 2 which still gets played at sports stadiums in the states today. It’s quite a good tune if truth be told but then Gary had to spoil everything by releasing records where he actually sang.

REMEMBER ME THIS WAY was made to cash in on what was known as “Glitter mania “. At a running time of 57 minutes some people will complain that it’s far too short while most people will complain it’s too long by at least 56 minutes. Like those Beatles films that were made in the 1960s the story follows a vague plot with Gary on a neo fascist organization’s hit list, but the plot is unimportant as the film is a showcase for Gary’s singing.

The production values are very poor. In fact I’ve seen better-made porn movies (Thankfully none of them starring Gary Glitter) and since Glitter’s music is to the fore every porno movie I’ve seen has far better music too. It’s obvious Glitter wasn’t born to be an actor and if most people were honest watching this they’d say he wasn’t born to sing either.

REMEMBER ME THIS WAY is probably the worst movie ever to have come out of this country and is too long by at least 56 minutes

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