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Lust for a Vampire

Lust for a Vampire – 1971
A vampire’s lust knows no boundaries…
Jimmy Sangster

Tudor Gates screenplay
Sheridan Le Fanu story Carmilla (as J. Sheridan Le Fanu)

Harry Fine producer
Michael Style producer

Ralph Bates – Giles Barton
Barbara Jefford – Countess Herritzen
Suzanna Leigh – Janet Playfair
Michael Johnson – Richard Lestrange
Yutte Stensgaard – Mircalla/Carmilla Karnstein
Helen Christie – Miss Simpson
Pippa Steel – Susan Pelley
David Healy – Raymond Pelley
Harvey Hall – Insp. Heinrich
Mike Raven – Count Karnstein
Michael Brennan – Landlord
Jack Melford – Bishop
Christopher Cunningham – Coachman
Judy Matheson – Amanda
Christopher Neame – Hans
Erik Chitty – Prof. Herz (as Eric Chitty)
Caryl Little – Isabel
Jonathan Cecil – Biggs
Kirsten Lindholm – Peasant girl
Luan Peters – Trudi
Nick Brimble – Villager #1
David Richardson – Villager #2
Vivienne Chandler – Schoolgirl
Erica Beale – Schoolgirl
Mel Churcher – Schoolgirl (as Melinda Churcher)
Melita Clarke – Schoolgirl
Jackie Leapman – Schoolgirl
Sue Longhurst – Schoolgirl
Patricia Warner – Schoolgirl
Valentine Dyall – Count Karnstein (voice) (uncredited)
Christine Smith – Schoolgirl (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

Lust for a Vampire (1971)

Must Have Been Quite Erotic At The Time,
In many ways this movie is little different from other Hammer horror films produced at the time. It has an inn that doesn’t take too kindly to strangers especially ones that don’t believe in vampires, it’s obvious that the ” night ” scenes were filmed during the day by sticking a blue filter over the camera lens and there’s some really dodgy effects and make up like the very obvious dummy at the film’s climax.

What sets LUST FOR A VAMPIRE apart from other British horror movies at the time is some really superb (For its day) T&A on display complete with some lesbian kissing. It’s also good to see some old fashioned buxom women who have never heard of the phrase silicone implants. That’s something you don’t see in horror movies nowadays I can tell you

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