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Flight to Holocaust

Flight to Holocaust – 1977
Bernard L. Kowalski

Robert Heverly story
Anthony Lawrence
A.C. Lyles

A.C. Lyles producer

Patrick Wayne – Les Taggart
Christopher Mitchum – Mark Gates
Fawne Harriman – Scotty March
Desi Arnaz Jr. – Rick Bender
Sid Caesar – George Beam
Rory Calhoun – Ed Davis
Greg Morris – Dr. Jeff Evans
Lloyd Nolan – Wilton Bender
Paul Williams – Colorado Davis
Robert Patten – Gordon Stokes
Anne Schedeen – Linda Michaels
Bill Baldwin Sr. – TV Commentator (as William Baldwin)
Kathrine Baumann – Sheila Waters
Shirley O’Hara – Mrs. Bender
Argentina Brunetti – Woman in Elevator
John Dewey Carter – Crew Chief
Robert F. Hoy – Fire Rescue Chief
Don Reid – Tom Lewis
Bill Deiz – Reporter
Louie Elias – Ernie Roberts
Marilyn Fox – Nurse
Robert Gooden – George Balford
Barry Hamilton – Rescue Worker
Victor Izay – Emmett Darby
Ed McCready – Rescue Worker
Michael J. Reynolds – Elevator Rescue Worker
Mike Wagner – Daddy
Larry Watson – Rescue Worker

Review by Theo Robertson

Flight to Holocaust (1977) (TV)
The Reason It’s Hard To Find,

Someone has mentioned this TVM is hard to find. The fact that the plot involves a plane crashing into a skyscraper might have something to do with it but the main reason is the fact that it’s total pants. Check out this sample of dialogue from one of the characters: ” I’ve got to get grease by midnight or else I’ll die ” You can tell William Goldman had nothing to do with this script.

It also says something when a TVM markets itself as having the sons of two Hollywood icons in the starring roles. Next thing you know we’ll be having TVMs that hype themselves up because the stars once appeared in a crowd scene with John Wayne or Robert Mitchum

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