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Scream and Scream Again

Scream and Scream Again – 1970
Gordon Hessler

Christopher Wicking (screenplay)
Peter Saxon (novel)


Vincent Price
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing

Review by Wayne Malin

Nice title…that’s about it
VERY confusing horror has three different story lines: one involves a man killing women in London and draining their blood; another has people being kidnapped and slowly have their body parts being removed one by one; the last deals with some strange Nazi-ish organization trying to take power (or something). It all ties in with Vincent Price as a scientist.

The movie starts off confusing and it (somewhat) makes sense at the end. But it has a horrible script, terribly fake gore and director Gordon Hessler never was that good. This could be easily dismissed if it weren’t for three cast members–Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

OK–you have three of the best horror movie stars ever to do a movie together. So what do they do? Give them a nonsensical script; give Cushing only one short sequence; make sure they NEVER show up together (aside from Lee and Price briefly) and just hope it will work. Well, it didn’t.

I know some people find this fascinating for its political implications but this is supposed to be a HORROR movie–not a political statement. Dull, heavy-handed and a terrible waste of talent–although Cushing, Lee and Price ARE good. Just for them I give this a 4.

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