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Holiday on the Buses

Holiday on the Buses – 1973
Bryan Izzard

Ronald Chesney
Ronald Wolfe

Ronald Chesney producer
Ronald Wolfe producer

Reg Varney – Stan Butler
Stephen Lewis – Inspector ‘Blakey’ Blake
Doris Hare – Mrs. Mabel Butler
Michael Robbins – Arthur
Anna Karen – Olive
Bob Grant – Jack
Wilfrid Brambell – Bert Thompson
Kate Williams – Red Cross Nurse
Arthur Mullard – Wally Briggs
Queenie Watts – Mrs. Briggs
Henry McGee – Holiday Camp Manager
Adam Rhodes – Little Arthur
Michael Sheard – Depot Manager
Hal Dyer – Mrs. Coombs
Franco De Rosa – Luigi
Gigi Gatti – Maria
Eunice Black – Mrs. Hudson
Maureen Sweeney – Mavis
Sandra Bryant – Sandra
Carolae Donoghue – Doreen
Tara Lynn – Joyce
Alex Munro – Patient

Review by Theo Robertson

Holiday on the Buses (1973)

Dirty Old Men,
The problem this film has is the same problem the TV series had and that’s the laddish Stan and Jack. There’s nothing wrong with laddish characters but actors who seem to be in their late 40s/ early 50s play Stan and Jack! And there’s something objectionable – not to mention credibility defying – as they cop off with girls young enough to be their daughters

As for the rest of HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES, I found it instantly forgettable. It’s basically a 30 minute episode spun out to 90 minutes with having all the action take place at a holiday camp instead of a bus station

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