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5 Dolls for an August Moon

5 Dolls for an August Moon
5 bambole per la luna d’agosto (1970)
Island of Terror
Mario Bava

Mario di Nardo

Luigi Alessi

Review by Wayne Malin

What the hell??????,
Why is Mario Bava considered such a great horror film director? He’s done some great films, but for every “Black Sunday” there’s five like “Lisa and the Devil”, “Rabid Dogs”, “Black Sabbath” and this film. This is probably his worst (and that’s saying something). This is total, utter crap.

A bunch of uninteresting people are killed off one by one on an isolated island. That’s about it. It’s VERY badly dubbed (even the sound effects are off–notice during the fight scene between two guys); the acting is wooden (to put it nicely); the plot makes no sense especially at the ending where all logic is thrown out the window; the 70s clothes are horrendous; there’s needless female nudity thrown in and the WORST music I’ve ever heard in my life–it almost never fits the scenes it’s played in! Even Bava’s usual great direction is off–the movie takes place all in bright sunlight–Bava is at his best filming in shadow or darkness. Even the murders are dull. Pointless, stupid and boring. A total disaster.

P.S. The full meaning behind the title is real stupid!

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