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Men's Sesame Street
  • After a healthy dose of radiation, chunk exposes the truth behind these much loved characters in X-ray Hands, oops!... More..
  • Arcade antics have invaded the worlds most famous Street on this exclusive T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle. Our favourite Sesame Street characters have been immortalised in their very own old school video game print which looks ace on Fame and Fortune's... More..
  • Sesame Street goes Old Skool on this awesome new men's T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle. Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar and Elmo get a retro arcade inspired makeover on this exclusive design which is topped off with the slogan 'Old Skool And The Gang.' W... More..
  • Christmas bells play loud and strong Hurts my ears, all that ding dong Besides it goes on much too long I hate Christmas!' If, like Oscar, just the thought of the festive season brings out your grouchy side then this is the tee for you! Featuring a ... More..
  • For all you cookie lovers out there, this fab new Cookie Monster tee from TruffleShuffle would make a yummy addition to your t-shirt collection! The royal blue tee has a fab blown up face print of Sesame Street's greediest muppet. With those trademar... More..
  • If you are having difficulty deciding between a Beatles or a Sesame Street tee, ponder no longer! This rocking tee from TruffleShuffle features all your favourite muppets cleverly designed to look like the famous Beatles 'Abbery Road' lp cover, perfe... More..
  • This fantastic tee from TruffleShuffle fuses together the grumpy Oscar The Grouch and the famous De Niro quote from the 1979 movie Taxi Driver, you talkin' to me? An exclusive to TruffleShuffle.com, we love the way Oscar gets mean and green on this w... More..
  • Sesame Street's ticklish Muppet Elmo gets down with the kidz on this awesome new tee from TruffleShuffle. With his cool sunnies and ghettoblaster in hand, he certainly looks the part! Just hope he doesn't speak and give the game away with that squeak... More..
  • A witty take on Sesame Street's Count! This cheeky tee from TruffleShuffle cleverly combines the vampiric, mathematical master The Count with that famous 90's hit, You Can't Touch this by the baggy-panted rapper MC Hammer! A touch of genius born from... More..
  • Big Bird goes street on this wicked, new and EXCLUSIVE tee from TruffleShuffle! Donning his well-ard hoodie with an It's all good in the hood slogan, Big Bird is feeling fine as will you in this awesome tee!... More..

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