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Mandog – 1972

Anna Home
Paul Stone

Peter Dickinson

Anna Home producer

Carol Hazell – Kate
Jane Anthony – Sammy
Adrian Shergold – Duncan
Elizabeth Adare
Roy Boyd – Henry
Tony Cerasolli
Valerie Georgeson – Miss. Thorne
Edna Goodyear
Daryl Grove
Jonathan Hardy – Harmar
Muriel Hunte
Christopher Jobling –
Sebastian Graham Jones – Justin
Roger Marston
Derek Martin – Gaia One
David Millett
Christopher Owen – Levin
David Pelton
Arnold Peters
John Rapley – Mr. Morris
Ian Sharp – Ian
Mollie Sugden – Mrs. Morris
Ray Taylor – Gaia Two

Trivia from Tanktop
Filmed in Southampton.and locations used near Redbridge school.

Review: NumptyB from United Kingdom

I’m seriously surprised to learn that ‘ManDog’ aired in the US! It was one of those quintessentially British children’s dramas very like the output of the Children’s Film Foundation. I remember its original and repeat screenings on the BBC in the seventies and have fond memories.

Its star was a cute black and white Border Collie (some relative of ‘Blue Peter’s’ Shep?) A family pet is, accidentally, the first to encounter a injured refugee from a totalitarian future whose only means of survival is to store his mind in the nearest living thing.

The man-dog then strikes up a telepathic relationship with his boy owner to the latter’s delight, as the two seek means to repair the traveller’s time-ship which materialised in a junkyard (now where have I heard of a time-ship in a junkyard before, ‘Doctor Who’ fans?). The time machine looked like a changing room locker, I think – very tall and narrow.

Definitely a curio I’d like to see again to find out how good my memory is, if nothing else

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70’s Televison

What an amazing piece of kit our telly was. Can you imagine having to change channel by turning a knob to tune in BBC2 and forever getting up to realign the aerial and contrast, and the only way to stop the picture from rolling was to give the set a good thump? Do you remember that we only have three channels to watch? Thinking about it, the conversation was better at school next day as everyone seemed to be watching the same thing unlike nowadays where we have too much choice. Aye, the quality of programmes seem to have dwindled when you think back to what we had in our days.

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