1970s Womens Vintage Clothes Shop
Whilst 70s fancy dress is all about fun, wearing authentic vintage style clothes gives you that little more confidence I think. Knowing that your outfit is unique and that no-one at the party or wherever is going to be wearing the same dress as you is a definite plus but also when you buy one of these outfits it says more about you wanting to be an individual. No more shopping at the high street shops buying dresses and tops that are mass manufactured somewhere in the far east.

Going vintage is the best way to express yourself and it's really catching on with so many vintage shops popping up everywhere and here's what we think is the best of them. Take a look through some exquisite vintage and 70s style outfits and stand out from the crowd.

If you think the fashions of the seventies were all flairs and hair then take a look through these beautiful dresses and accessories. We've been lucky enough to find one of the best vintage merchants online and they've agreed for us to show off their 70s style and vintage clothes. I'm sure they will surprise you with their style and class with stunning colours and flattering lines make room in your wardrobe and treat yourself to something unique.