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Lamborghini Espada

£13,808 circa 1976
Breath-taking lines by Bertone enclose full four-seater comfort with harness and head restraints for all occupants, tinted glass and air conditioning The six-carburetter four-camshaft V12 is matched to a five-speed box. Suspension is all-independent and brakes are ventilated discs all round with twin circuits and twin servos. One of today’s most outstanding fast touring cars, with style and speed to match.

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Cars of the 70’s

Something that is always of interest, especially to us blokes is cars, so looking back on the old motors of the 70s was certainly something of a treat. With a lot of thanks to all my classic car friends we've put together a great collection of 70s cars including the iconic Capri for you to have a look through, and to make it a little more interesting, we've written it all as if we were in the 70s and even inserted the going price for the cars at that time.

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