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Creedence Clearwater Revival

Now for some reason I never really got into this group in the 1970s. More fool me. But I have caught up now. I blame the gap on too much Candy Floss on the Isle of Wight back at the start of the 1970s.

This American rock band formed in the 1960s with two brothers at the helm. John Fogerty was the main songwriter and a mean guitar player too. John and his brother Tom argued about the group and as a result the group had a very short life span. John left in 1973 and went onto write the classic Status Quo song Rockin’ All Over The World.

Sadly his brother Tom Fogerty left the group in 1971 after falling out badly with John and died in 1990 from AIDS.

The 1960s gave them huge hits with Proud Mary, Green River and the UK No. 1 Bad Moon Rising. But the 70s were still beckoning. They entered the 1970s charts with the above mentioned Green River that came from the album of the same name. Green River was based on a place and a bottle of syrup. Go figure that one.
More strange things happened with the next single Travelin’ Band which played homage to 1950s style records. So much so, that Little Richard’s record company tried to sue for copyright infringement. It did not get to court.

Incidentally it was banned from U.S. radio following the September 11th disaster.
Several more hits in 1970 and two of them charted at No 8 in the UK charts. They were Up Around The Bend and Run Through The Jungle. The first song coincided with 1970 European tour and was about the band getting everything ready and hitting the road.

The second was a song about the issue of too many guns in America, and people were just being too careless with them. Although at the time it was assumed to be about Vietnam.

Now at their best the group could not stay out of the charts. More singles followed, with Long As I Can See Light, Have You Ever Seen The Rain and Sweet Hitch Hiker. Despite numerous single releases the group came to a stop in terms of UK hits.

They had nine albums in the 1970s and numerous Gold and Platinum singles. I wonder what would have happened if only they did not split up in those early 1970s?

For more info go to Creedence Clearwater Revisited

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