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Saturday Morning Pictures

One of the highlights of the weekend when I was a kid was of course Saturday morning pictures. We used to flock to our local ABC cinema in our little groups eager to catch up on the latest episode of Flash Gordon. First stop of course was the sweet shop next to Ditchfields the toy shop where we crammed our pockets with Spanish Gold and Hanky Panky.

The first ritual after fighting over the best seats near the front was to sing the ABC song

We are the boys and girls well known as minors of the ABC
And every Saturday we’ll line up to watch the films
We like and shout aloud with glee.
We like to laugh and have our sing song
Because a happy crowd are we
We’re all pals together.
We’re minors of the ABC.

I think the programme used to start with a cartoon or two and then move onto watching half an hour of the Three Stooges slapping and flicking each other. Then came Flash Gordon and we’d see if our theories were right on how he extracted himself out of the predicament he was left in last week just to see him get himself into mortal danger again to make us come back next week.

Flash was followed by the intermission which meant the lights came up and all the boys piled down to the front to have a “bundle” which must have been quite a sight to see. 100 young lads wrestling on the sticky carpet for a full five minutes and coming out with just short breath and tousled hair.

When the lights dimmed it was time for the big feature. Some I remember were quite good some were bad but you can be sure if there was any romantic kissing the boos would ring out and a popcorn fight was ensue.

Yes Saturday morning pictures were good and fondly remembered.

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