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The Seventies

I really don’t understand why it’s the 70s that always gets slated. Whether it be the music or clothes, furniture or hairstyles the 70s is always the era that gets derided and I would just like to set the record straight. The 70s were fun, sorry that should read the 70s were FUN!. Is that clear enough for you? Whilst the 60s were “heavy man” the 70s was totally groovy and it showed. People weren’t happy anymore sitting in their homes hiding under bland colours contemplating the meaning of life. No, the 70s were all about living it. The bands …

Growing Up In The 70s

I'm very lucky to have so many friends that love the 70s and some that have shared their memories with us. It's interesting to see there was little difference between the USA and UK but from reading these stories one thing does come through, technology. It seems to all the people lived through the 70s the technology of today seems to have taken the personal, community spirit out of life. It's taken us years to get this site together so we would love to hear your feedback in the Facebook comment box.

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