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White and Cream Tights

Hattie – My daughter is having a fancy dress at school and wants to dress seventies style ………she made me remember those white tights and cream ones that we all used to wear back in the seventies ……dont think u can buy them anymore!! Think they were hold ups too ……know we wore navy ones at times too ……….

Will be worried if the guys answer to this one!! Hatts

Rennie – Well I wouldn’t be suprised if James has some secreted in his drawers. No harm in asking!!
*waits for the torrent of abuse*

Karen – hey – try Canada – even those ugly fishnets are for sale over here!

Hattie – Saw navy tights today in the shops ……….. used to wear them in the seventies too

Karen – some peculiar airline…. British Airways for one, not too long ago had a rule that their female flight attendents wear navy tights………….
Airtours made their females wear GREY tights in winter…………..funny how mine often got washed in with the coloured clothes ….ended up looking rather green….hehe…….

Awombleforever – I’ve been searching for tights on ebay,I havn’t found any of the ones that had the open stripe affairs up the sides, net type usually cream or white with the side bits You know the ones I mean ,really want some,there very 70s You could never get the side bits straight could you You can tell ive had 2 ciders can’t you Ive talking even more crap than normal

Rocksgirl – Rennie wrote:Well I wouldn’t be suprised if James has some secreted in his drawers. No harm in asking!! *waits for the torrent of abuse*

oh you’ve put me right off replying now.. i’m having orrible images of James’ secretions lol

Rennie – roflol Lucky you’ve already had your bacon n eggs!!

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