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What were you [MEN]

Rockerator – Were you a Brut33 or Old Spice Man?

Rocksgirl – i love the smell of Old Spice. My late grandad always wore it and after he died when i was 18, in 1990, i bought some as i missed him so much.

Rennie – I was neither the first aftershave I bought was Denim

Awombleforever – My husband liked faberge west,I remember the packaging but not the smell.They don’t make it anymore I don’t think.It did have a nice smell but smells are very hard to remember.

Sparky – Brut. Just like our ‘Enery I used to “splash it all over”

Rocksgirl – Rennie wrote:I was neither the first aftershave I bought was Denim
so you were putting on your best manly voice then and said
‘Denim, the mark of a man’

Awombleforever – Thought it was also for the man that dosn’t have to try too hard,or was that something else?

Imp – My Dad and my 2 Brothers in Law were Old Spice men. Basicially because that was what was bought for them by the women of the family at Christmas and on Birthdays LOL. They didn’t get much choice in it

Rocksgirl – awombleforever wrote: Thought it was also for the man that dosn’t have to try too hard,or was that something else?
you’re probably right! lol Was it old spice the mark of a man and denim for the man who doesnt have to try too hard… oh i dunno! Lol

Rockerator – Mark of a Man was Old Spice!!!!

Sparky – Yeah, but Valerie Leon must have done wonders for the sales of Hi Karate

Nix – Okay, I have a Brut story, kinda.

One friend of mine is helping another pack for a trip. They are standing in two different parts of the room so their perspectives are different. The one helping looks at the dresser, sees a bottle of Brut, and helpfully asks, “Is that your Brut?”
The one packing turns to look at the dresser from his viewpoint, gets this odd expression on his face, and says, “No, stupid, that’s the Virgin Mary.”

Lainybins – My older sister used to wear Brut all the time ~ to this day I don’t know why. Maybe she wanted to smell like her boyfriend?
My Dad was an Old Spice man and it was always a race to get up and into the bathroom before him of a morning coz if you went in afterwards, the overwhelming reek of the stuff was enough to cause severe breathing problems (and this before I was diagnosed asthmatic)!

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