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Awombleforever – I just bought a tank top off ebay, hope it stretches well,the model wearing it was half my size. Butlins here we come

Rockerator – Dont forget we want to see pics of the Butlins Bash.

Rennie – There’ll be loads of those lol got some klackers too so a Klacker Challenge will be set Hattie you’ve a lot to prove as you’re a known champion!!

Awombleforever – I don’t know what happend to my daughteres clackers ,she did have some but they have dissapeared.The tank top is way too small for me,my 13 year old daughters nicked it,it fits her lovely.Looked like a crop top on me with a large expanse of lumpy flesh showing,not very flattering,I had to laugh

Rennie – I’m not laughing Womble…..*splutters* Mind you looking at Ebay for some flares…… whatever happened to my lovely 28″” waist????

Lainybins – Anyone any idea why they were called tank tops?
As usual, Mum was too strapped for cash to buy us such enviable fashion items so it was down to my Grandma to knit ours. Oh! the shame of it, walking round town in homespun tank tops! Thankfully I’ve been unable to find photographic evidence (but then my parents still have most of the old photo albums).

Rennie – if you have any old pics send em into me with a little covering story, trying to collect enough stuff to out up a new section called readers lives. I;ve got a few bits but not enough yet so if you could send anything in it would be great.

Glittergal – My tanktop, knitted by my nanny as in grandmother was a rather hideous yellow and green ensemble but as I was only 11 at the time I didn’t really mind xx

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