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Stop Press Shoes Found

Rennie – yeah!! Finally found the shoes I want and in my size!!! Let the bidding war begin!!

Imp – Cool.. you’re not going to fall off these are you? I suppose you could check that a safety net comes with them

Awombleforever – Wow,they could cost ya Rennie but well worth it in the end,very nice.

Rennie – *collecting for Rennie’s glam shoes – please give generously*
*all donations gratefully received*

Awombleforever – I’ve got a pair of shoes a size 4 that might suit someone for bognor.
Very retro ,not too outrageous,slight platform closed toe and heel with ankle strap.I’m a size 5 so a bit tight for me.they are brown colour with a cream coloured stripe .thick high heel,Let me know if anyones interested I will put a pic on if I can find them.Bought for my daughter from charity shop but she hardly wore them.Not sure if they are original 70s or 80s or just an old style.

Tanktop – Rennie in platform shoes you have really put your foot in it now

Awombleforever – Did you see this Rennie? amazing, dont think I could be bothered though,I’ve got a handbag thats on a similar theme will bring to butlins if it comes to light.

Rennie – *laughing* thats cool Womble forgot about those ring pulls Used to snap them off and ping them like flying saucers. Who’s idea was it to keep them connected to the can…… killjoys!!!

Awombleforever – remember when the ring pull came out and they had I think gimmie that Ding by the pipkins I think? Gimmie that ring advert? Or was it an advert for something else,the memories are very faint

Awombleforever – It was Gimmie Dat Ding we couldnt even talk right in those days

Rennie – I have that track…. and I still play it, it does make me laugh!!

Awombleforever – Your shoes are getting expensive,you got paypal now though haven’t you? It’s dangerous

Rennie – ahh they being bid on now eeeeek!!

Awombleforever – Another pair,looks like seventiescool wants them all

Rennie – lol quite nice but not as cool as the size 7’s. I’m biding my time… you wait til wednesday.

Awombleforever – I told yer he wants them all

Rennie – Look who’s winning the shoes now…………………..mua ahaha haha

Awombleforever – I just noticed something really funny, wev’e both got 93 feedback

Rennie – ooooh what’s your handle? Hope your clicking through the site too

Awombleforever – I’m looking to buy boots or shoes off there too at the mo,got a few in mind,no really original 70s though.The ones your bidding on will I think fetch good money,mens shoes seem to be much rarer.Some of the womens are a bit kinky but very unusual.

Awombleforever – you been outbid

Rennie – aye i know but as they say it’s not over til the fat lady sings! muahahahahaha
They’re mine………my precious!

Rennie – Now where are my wombles??? Have I won them yet?

Rennie – Ouch!!! Looks like it’s gonna be expensive!

Awombleforever – Hey I wish you luck,seventies cool paid lots for a suit ,hope he gives up on these but I’m not so sure

Rennie – Womble something weird just happened. Go look at them now!! He’s been removed ?

Awombleforever – Looks like your in luck,he’s not registered any more strange that ,maybe something to do with that suit he bought

Rennie – oooh cool might save me a few quid.

Awombleforever – Thing is he had good feedback and he had bought expensive clothes before,we will have to see if that suit gets relisted.If it does he didn’t buy it,so i’d think something to do with that.

Awombleforever – Bet the sellers a bit sick though

Rennie – well it’s good news for me. What suit was it?

Awombleforever – The biba one link in this thread.

Awombleforever – Rennie,you were very serious over these wern’t you. You put in a high bid early?Well done,bit expensive though but I did say that you would have to pay

Awombleforever – I see what you mean about the last bidder,ebay is so full of holes,I’m paranoid sometimes.Have been cheated once found out and sorted it but it is so annoying.I hate cheats

Rennie – yes I know I thought it would go to the 60 mark but didn’t want to miss ‘em. I’ll just have to walk the streets this weekend and earn a few extra bob!!

Tanktop – Poor Rennie he has become a real beggar

Rennie – lol yep that’s me …. i can do a good impression of a short nosed elephant now!

Imp – That comment totally threw me

Rennie – lol surely I don’t need to explain it?

Awombleforever – you got your shoes yet Rennie?

Rennie – Yep all mine the coolest pair of huge 70’s platform shoes are mine :)

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