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Static Electricity Game?

Awombleforever – I’ve got this very vague recollection of a game in the 70s that was based on static electricity.It was a box with plastic on top,you would rub it a paper arrow type of thing would fly about and then stop attached because of the static build up.Can’t really remember anything else.This memory came to me suddenly today for some strange reason. Anyone else remember a game like this? I’m not mad ,really ,honest

Rennie – hi Womble you know I don’t think you’re mad unless I am too.
I do recollect a game like that but need help to remember anything else

Sparky – Womble, I don’t remember anything like you describe, but I do remember charging balloons up with static and getting them to stick to walls. I was also once shown a trick with a piece of silver paper from the inside of a ciggy packet. The guy put it in his mouth and chewed on it for a couple of seconds. It came out as a ball, which he placed on the back of my hand. Boy, did it sting! I always assumed that was something to do with static, but never actually proved it. Sparky

Awombleforever – How did he do that chew a bit of silver paper Didn’t that feel horrible.The thought of doing that scares me

Awombleforever – I’m the queen of static ,I always give people shocks No I mean it ,always getting shocked ,happens all the time to me.

Awombleforever – That silver paper thing is like cotton wool,chalk on a blackboard,velvet and various other materials that make us feel strange

Awombleforever – Talking about electricity,I got a nasty shock once.I blame my husband,not sure if we were married then or not ,was 76-77. He decided to take his fish tank lights out to fix them or something,he had one on the kitchen worktop without the light in it.For some stupid reason I stated touching one end of the light and even stupider touched the other end with my other hand.They gripped and I couldn’t leave loose.It was awful but my husband couldn’t stop laughing afterwards.I think my hair stood on end like in the comics

Sparky – “awombleforever wrote:”I’m the queen of static ,I always give people shocks No I mean it,always getting shocked ,happens all the time to me.”

Nylon underwear? Stockings? Synthetic soles on your shoes? Fabric conditioner seems to make it worse for me. I get them all the time from door handles, cars, escalators….
BTW I don’t wear stockings! – Not since that last unfortunate incident, and I was definitely misquoted in court

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