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Shrinky Dinks!

Nix – A great way to preserve one’s childhood art. And the added bonus? They stunk up the house real good while baking in the oven. Probably carcinogenic. Everything fun is. Nix

Hattie – We so didnt get those shrinky dinkys till the eighties, maybe as a girl i didnt have them……… did anyone else ???? My kids did in the eighties – Hattie

Nix – I was a girl (still am, come to think of it), and allegedly you could also make jewelry out of them, or so the instructions said. Actually, I didn’t know too many boys who dabbled in the fine art of dinkery (unless they were doing it as an excuse to goof around with the oven during their budding pyromaniac years). Nix

Hattie – Hi Nix ours were crisp packets that u shrunk in the eighties far later than you I am sure…u must have had more forward ideas i think – Hattie

Nix – Our dinks were sheets of thin plastic that you drew on with colored pencils (either you could trace patterns that came with the kits or do your own original creations). Then, you cut out whatever you’d drawn, put it in the oven on a baking sheet, and TA-DA! The house reeked and you had a tiny piece of plastic that you immediately lost interest in. What a great concept. – Nix

Hattie – wow sure we didnt have that Nix sounds brill ….was we left out of that in the uk will have to see what everyone else says not sure here – Hatts by the way lovely chatting with u on boards here

Nix – I don’t know how much you missed being left out of the Shrinky Dink loop. Now, had you missed Growing Up Skipper (twist her arm counter-clockwise and she got boobs) then I’d say you missed a lot.
Good talking to you, too. – Nix

Rennie – Now that sounds like fun lol Where do these people get their ideas from…. or were they still hungover from the sixties??

Nix – The end result of the creation of Growing Up Skipper was every smart-*** boy in the neighborhood started grabbing girls by their arms and trying to twist them backwards. You know, trying to kick-start her development. Like we hadn’t already tried that. Nix

Hattie – Remember being chased round the playground, was a sorta kiss chase thing, lol, never did catch me! Also remember the boys weren’t too gentle and used to have play fights….would probs be expelled for it now, least we knew when to stop – Hattie

Nix – Actually, I do remember being chased (and this is back when boys were bleech, gross!). Two stories stand out: One, this complete dork named Joe or Joey came up and just kissed me cheek. Like outta nowhere. In cold blood, if you will. And I flipped. And–to show you how times have changed–my teacher comforts him and says, loud enough for me to hear, that I don’t have good taste. Of course in today’s world his little butt would have been hauled off to the principal’s office and he’d be lectured on sexual harrassment. But I digress…

The other kid was named Kevin and he snuck into the classroom during recess after chasing me ’til I wanted to puke or kill him or both (way to woe a gal, Kev), and wrote on both blackboards how much he loved me. Over and over. Like a little psycho. Imagine my grade-school aged embarrassment – Nix

Hattie – Nix that is so true….. so any one else got any stories bout school

Fairy – i remember shrinkie dinks, we used to get them free with the breakfast cereal (can’t remember which one) .. we used to shrink the crisp packets as well under the gas grill, set fire to quite a few

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