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Saturday night outfits

2Tone – Did I look smart or what! Shoulder length black hair (curled under-page boy style). Pillar box red shirt with large collar worn over a black velvet jacket, two tone trousers perched upon a pair of platforms …..what girl could resist? (most of them in fact). I’m convinced it was the platforms that caused me to regularly fall over at about 11.30pm each night and not the Watneys party seven that I had consumed that evening.

Rennie – LOL Welcome 2 tone Just trying to picture it…..hmmmmm
I’ve really got to get a picture board up for these little gems

Aelf – Oh my God I’d forgotten all about the two tone stuff, I used to have a lovely jacket

Suze – I used to wear bright pink hot pants and pink glitter platform shoes. Quite a sight

Sandie – Out on the Razz, Remember the hotpants for Saturday nights…..
But also the tight pencil skirts……struggle to walk in them…..
Dance on the spot was the best thing to do if you wore one of them….
Dancing……………lol…. the fellas trying to look cool with a bottle of pop in one hand and the other in their pocket……Was it change they were fiddlin with………………….PMSL…

Hattie – Morning Sandie, Have just had hysterics at what you put here, it is so true those fellas thought they were the bees knees lol, mind you so did we, doing our 3 feet shuffle dance it took me till the middle eighties to get out of dancing like that…….scarey but true

Sandie – Hattie, I haven’t stopped laughing since I started posting………..this whole era
has me in stitches……….. This is a good way to let off steam and get rid of bad vibes…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GRoooooooooooooooooooooooVE

Hattie – Agree Sandie Site is a blast from the past Think somehow yesterday has to be a record on the sites forum for things added,will have to ask Rennie….. have never laughed so much too….
lol think my mum made me hotpants too rotfwl

Sandie – Oh yes some of the beatles had recording in the seventies…
Yesterday……..All my troubles seemed so far away…
How true are those words…..
The freedom of the Seventies…….live and let live….

Goldencup – On Saturdays nights we all used to go to the ice rink and because we wore such high platform shoes and our trousers were consequently extra long, we had to sit at the side of the rink tacking up the hems about three inches before we could go on the ice!

Rennie – LOL never thought of that. Didn’t fall over on the ice rink til ’78.
Was good fun but man got loads of blisters from the boots.

Awombleforever – I only went Ice skating a few times in my youth,once though me and a friend went and somehow she managed to run over her own finger with the skate,She must have hated me cause I was pi***d off at the time cause we had to leave ,can’t remember if we had to go to a hospital or what as we were a train ride from home.Friends who needs them (especially ones like me)

Hattie – We used to go off to the ice skating ring at the michael sobel centre, on sunday mornings used to be brilliant…. we didnt go very often but was good fun ……dont know if i would be brave enough to attempt it now mind u

Nix – Oy Vey. Skating.
My one attempt at ice skating involved my (at round abouts 11) clinging to the wall the whole time (probably looked like a scene out of “”Titanic””), with my ankles trembling and buckling beneath me. Another Olympic dream dashed.

Roller skating. Well, the rinks were cool. I linked the hanging around at the rink part. But the two times I attempted to actually roller skate (once in a friend’s driveway, once in the same friend’s basement) ended with people holding a flashlight to my eyes to see if my pupils would respond.

Rennie – *laughing* Ice skating was a dangerous sport when you think about it. I wonder how many fingers were nearly amputated on the rinks.

Hattie – ouch, prob loads ……..mind u jacko skates were a nightmare if u didnt have them quite tight enough they used to fall off and hang round your ankle …… they still have skating at bognor butlins used to years back

Rennie – Don’t know Hatts but I’ll sure be finding out. Got some wicked shirts from Ebay loud is *not* the word lol Need some shoes and flares now!!

Hattie – Have you tried looking at Camden Passage they have some brill stuff there, and fairly reasonable too, u may just be lucky

Awombleforever – Well you’d look the biz in my husbands trousers but his shoes don’t fit so maybe the trousers won’t either. Don’t think we will be going

Lainybins – Saturday night at the Sutton Veny disco (25p entry fee or 50p to include fish & chips). Me in way-too-short cream dress that had swirly beige and brown patterns on it and a zip from hem to neck. And clean white socks and cork platform sandals. Knock the fellas dead? You bet, but not for the right reasons! Also did the ice-skating thing at Bristol until 1978 and loved it. Tried it again at Somerset House last year and was never so terrified in all my life!

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