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Sand game called War?

Mona – Anyone recall a game we used to play by drawing a circle in the sand, then dividing it between players as land? We would name our lands as continents? If I remember correctly…It involved a stick, or throwing a stick into your opponents land allowing you to use the stick to draw a piece out of their land to add to yours? I remember jumping to their land and drawing around myself to claim their land?? Does any of this jog anyones memory enough to remember the rules? I loved this game and my husband who is the same age did too… It’s a race to find out about it!
Thanks lots, Mohn and John

Awombleforever – Sorry Mona didn’t play that game but your not in england are you?Things were not always the same over here.Maybe if you lived near a beach or had a sand pit in the garden you might have played it. I remember playing in the muck in the garden with a stick and dropping stones down the drain,not quite the same game though lol:

Rennie – Natasha and Nix might remember it. I was too busy playing knock down ginger!

Awombleforever – Rennie,why was knock down Ginger called Knock down Ginger?

Awombleforever – We had a game called War.It was when we had muck fights across the rd.Me and my friend used to fight all the time and we used to go in each others gardens and pelt each other with whatever we could find.Mainly dry lumps of soil,you know the hard ones.Also my dad had this bush in the front garden ,it had little apple type seeds or whatever they were called,they were great ammunition.

Rennie – actually Womble I don’t know. Gonna see if I can find out. Probably goes back to the plague times……

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