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Simon – Can anybody remember a game involving marbles and little trampoline things? I used to love playing it. I think it was called Cascade. Awombleforever – Hi Simon ,welcome to the forum.I dont really remember this game but remember the name cascade.I probably didnt own this one. I see your from the North East.I was born up there and I’m going up tommorow in fact ,for the first time for over 10 years.I hope the weather is better up there than it is here. Have fun. Simon – Hi Awombleforever. Thanks for the welcome. This site and forum are …

Magic Robot

Sparky – Anyone remember this? You asked questions and the robot swung round on its pedestal and pointed at the correct answer with a wand. Goldencup – Yes I had one – used to play with it for hours! Somebody told me recently that a set in good condition is worth a fortune now. Johnny7and ChadValli – Howdy, i have one of these all complete here in its box,maybe more of a sixties toy but still works (dunno’ how) I can send pictures if anyone interested. CHAD out Awombleforever – I remember that game too but dont remember owning it. …

Evel Knievel

Rennie – It’s back, the toy you couldn’t do without. Evel Knieval Stunt Cycle I never had one of these so it’s great when they re-issue them …..xmas is coming…. I’d better start writing my letter to Santa Dear Santa Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Jack Hargreaves *Out of Town* ……… Awombleforever – I think my Nephew had one of these toys.My sister and her family went to see him at wembley when he had that big crash. They have the program for then ,cant remember what year it happened now.Early 70s.

Transfer Thingy Game

Johnny7and ChadValli – Hi, this came to me the other day, you could buy sheets of transfers and backgrounds. I remember they were like little armies and you could build battles by rubbing the little soldier transfers onto different scenes, I remember they were all the rage at school. I don’t know if they came with a certain sweet or something. anyone else remember?? 10/10 till we do it again, CHAD out Imp – I remember these yes. Wasn’t just soldiers, there were fairies and goblins too, suppose that one was meant for the girlies…. I preferred the soldiers HAH …

Mattel Talk Up Doll

Fairy – anyone remember this.. a herd plastic doll with a huge head and a tiny body. the head was attatched by a string you pulled the head and body apart and as the to parts met again she said annoying things like * hehe i’m so happy * i’m sooooo silly * are you silly too * i can fit in your pocket* i had one with blonde hair , dunno where she went but they are collectors items they were made for 1 yr only (1971) i bought one from Ebay for £22, she’s almost perfect still …

Blythe & Other Dolls

Sladegirlie – My mum bought me a doll called Blythe. Huge head on a small body and when you pulled the string her eyes changed colour. I really hated it and my poor ol mum was mortified bless her. I loved my Tressy doll with hair that really grows. You shouldn’t tell a kid that….I believed it and chopped the long bit off and dutifully waited for it to grow. I had Action girl, with long ginger hair and a green jump suit. I didn’t like her either coz she had huge jointed knees. Daisy doll by Mary Quant was …

Need help finding lost toy

Endeavour – Hello All, I need help(trying to recapture childhood).I am looking for a toy figure of a viking about 12 tall possibly 1/6 scale almost like an action man,he had blonde hair and green moulded on clothing he came with a helmet,axe, shield,rubber cloak and skirt. His head ,arms and legs were articulated-I had this figure in the mid-seventies possibly between 73 and 76. I cannot recall the makers name. If it rings a bell with anyone any help would be appreciated. I am now a big kid who still collects toys! Cheers Paul Rennie – Hi Endeavour and …


Rennie – I can remember little puzzles where you had a litle rectangle full (apart from one segment) of squares. You had to move these little units up and down to put the letters or numbers in the right sequence. Can anyone remember what these were called? Awombleforever – Hi Rennie dont remember what they called these? Did they have a name? We bought some from asda recently to put in my sons party bags but they were animal puzzles. Rennie – I found some in a catalogue and they were simply called puzzle trays. Aelf – i remember them, …


Lainybins – My Dad used to have to go to the States on business a lot in the early Seventies and one time he came back with Twister. Hours of merriment and mayhem and bruises for us four kids, I can tell you. I’ve had a dodgy spine ever since. And just this morning an email has arrived from big sis in New Zealand with photo attachments of her ten year-old’s birthday party on Saturday and guess what? Yup, she still has the Twister in its original box with its original spinner and the kids at the party LOVED it! …


Suze – I used to spend ages playing with my spirograph, the trick was to press very lightly and not to over do the patterns. I used to do very simple ones then colour them in. A little budding designer heh James Blast – Spirograph gave me countless hours of fun, of a Sunday night (I had to wait till then when ‘the big table’ was out for dinner, afterwards was Spirograph frenzy), I ended up going to Art School and have been employed as a Graphic Designer since 1981 Aelf – I couldn’t do that… used to start off …

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