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Simon – Can anybody remember a game involving marbles and little trampoline things? I used to love playing it. I think it was called Cascade.

Awombleforever – Hi Simon ,welcome to the forum.I dont really remember this game but remember the name cascade.I probably didnt own this one. I see your from the North East.I was born up there and I’m going up tommorow in fact ,for the first time for over 10 years.I hope the weather is better up there than it is here. Have fun.

Simon – Hi Awombleforever. Thanks for the welcome. This site and forum are brilliant! The weathers not bad at the moment, hopefully it will stay the same when you visit. What part of the north east are you from? Have Fun!!! Wombles Rule!!!! Simon

Awombleforever – I’m from Winlaton near Blaydon.I cant wait to get their and see a few of my friends havnt seen then for 33 years, I’m doing a bit of family research at the moment and going to visit my grans grave at Elswick,never seen it before.So much has changed and Blaydon as I knew it is no more but thats what you call progress Glad the weathers not too bad there I need a bit of Sunshine.

Tanktop – Hi Simon, nice to have you aboard our site, lots of memories and I’m sure you will find something of interest who were your favourite groups I was a big Mud fan plus The Sweet, New Seekers, Lieutenant Pigeon & Chicory Tip. Rennie is the site gaffer who I’m sure will say hi when he gets back off holiday, you can’t go wrong talking to Womble about times gone by, she wrote the book

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I started building Escape in 2005 and in it’s early form I had the pleasure of a great 70s community. Sadly with Escape’s new design we couldn’t incorporate the old threads into the new forum but so we don’t lose all those magical old chats we’ve collected them all here for you to go back and read.

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