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The Diaries of Smurfette aged 12¾

Here are some excerpts taken from my diary from January 1974 onwards. Now I’m 45 it all looks a bit silly, but hope you can relate to some or all of it! Sit back and enjoy the journey through Top of the Pops, the Top 40 on the radio, falling out with my best friend, fashion, school and my favourite TV programmes.

You will also see that I was completely “Boy Crazy” and in love with a different one every week (or even every day in some cases!!!)

Have fun.

Tuesday 25th December 1973.
It’s Christmas Day and I’ve only got a few presents! This is what I’ve got:
2 coathangers, talc, nail varnish (2 bottles), lock-up diary, Christmas stocking and £20.00 clothes. Also I got Cluedo, a record and a David Cassidy life story book. From Johnny, Pam & Jenny we got a £1.00 record token, but that was for babysitting as well. Trevor and I bought Leo Sayer’s record and Toni bought Roxy Music’s. I’ve still got to get a surprise from Cheryl & Stuart and Mick & Edy. My friends gave me lots of presents like bath cubes, bubble bath & bath salts.
P.S. Cheryl & Stuart = Nightdress. Mick & Edy = Soap & bath cubes

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Diaries of a 70s Teenager

Growing up in the 70s certainly wasn't an easy ride especially if you're hormonal 12 3/4 year old girl from Essex. Copied directly from her diaries Smurfette has very kindly decided to share her daily jottings from her growing up years with us. Read all about her crushes and schooldays, boyfriends and favourite groups, boyfriends and tv shows oh did I mention she was boy mad?

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