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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman first appeared in 1940s comics such as All Star Comics,

Comic Cavalcade, Wonder Woman and Sensation Comics.
Wonder Woman was created by William M. Marston
In Early 1974, ABC unveiled a 90 minute Wonder Woman move with blonde tennis pro Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was created by William M. Marston In Early 1974, ABC unveiled a 90 minute Wonder Woman move with blonde tennis pro Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman.

Cathy Lee Crosby

Lynda Carter unsuccessfully tested for the film!!

The New Adventures of Wonder WomanTV Series 1976-1979
Biography for Lynda Carter
Birth name Linda Jean Cordova Carter
Height 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Born 24 July 1951 Phoenix, Arizona USA
A singer
The youngest of 3 siblings.
Performed in a band during high school called ‘Just Us’, which consisted of
a marimba, a Congo drum, an acoustic guitar, and a stand-up bass played by
another girl. When she was 17 she joined another band for more exposure
called ‘The Relatives’ (because two members were cousins) which opened at
the Sahara Hotel casino lounge in Las Vegas for three months. Because Lynda
was under 21 she had to enter the casino through the kitchen. Gary Burghoff
(who played Radar O’Reilly in M.A.S.H) was the drummer. In 1970 she joined
the last band she sang with, called ‘The Garfin Gathering with Lynda
Carter’, and their first performance was in a brand new San Francisco hotel
that had no sidewalk entrance built yet, so they played to mostly the
janitors and whatever hotel guests parked their cars in the underground
garage. But she performed so well under such intimidating circumstances that
Howard “Speedy” Garfin nicknamed Lynda “Wonder Woman”!
Released a solo album entitled ‘Portrait’ in May 1978.
Won the title of Miss World USA representing her home state of Arizona in

A friend sat Lynda and her present husband, lawyer Robert Altman, together
at a social dinner in the hopes that the two would hit it off.
Father is Caucasian and mother is Mexican.

Measurements: 38-26-38 (Miss World USA pageant), 38-20-37 (her claim as
MissWorld USA, 1972), 37 1/2C-25-35 (“Wonder Woman” wardrobe) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
Performed many of her own stunts on “Wonder Woman” (1976) including hanging from a helicopter, to the nervousness of CBS during the second season episode “Anschluss ’77.
Ended each of her television specials singing the song “Always”.
While filming Battle of the Network Stars (1976) (TV), she poured champagne over the head of host Howard Cosell after her team won the tug of war contest not knowing he had a hairpiece. Howard was really upset. Later, whenever she saw him at a restaurant in New York, she would sent over a bottle of champagne and he always knew who it was from.

Owns the DVD release rights to her television specials.
When asked, during her on-line Lens Express chat on November 8th, 1999, who she would like to portray Wonder Woman in a big screen movie version, she stated that she would prefer either actress Catherine Zeta-Jones or supermodel Cindy Crawford.

In the film “Sky High” Lynda plays Principal Powers at a high school for the
children of superheroes, who is a comet!

On the 1977 “Circus of the Stars” Lynda was the target for David Janssen,
who threw daggers at her! He came close, but luckily, he missed her every

The son of one of her stunt doubles, Jeannie Epper, told his classmates that
his mother was Lynda’s stunt double on the Wonder Woman series but they
didn’t believe him, not even after he showed them a picture of his mother in
the Wonder Woman costume from the set. When Lynda herself found out about this she personally invited the boy’s class to the set so they could see
Jeannie herself in action.

Vital statistics in November 1986: 37-27-38
Half Irish, half Mexican

Auditioned for the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager.
Lynda returned to her first love, singing, by appearing in the play
“Chicago” at London’s West End Adeplhi Theatre on September 26, 2005 as “Mama Morton”, the leather-clad women’s jailer for an 8-week run. Lynda has now successfully appeared in all three forms of acting, stage, screen and television.

Information and Pictures kindly written and donated by
( The Real Wonder Woman )

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70’s Televison

What an amazing piece of kit our telly was. Can you imagine having to change channel by turning a knob to tune in BBC2 and forever getting up to realign the aerial and contrast, and the only way to stop the picture from rolling was to give the set a good thump? Do you remember that we only have three channels to watch? Thinking about it, the conversation was better at school next day as everyone seemed to be watching the same thing unlike nowadays where we have too much choice. Aye, the quality of programmes seem to have dwindled when you think back to what we had in our days.

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