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The Electric Company

“The Electric Company” – 1971

A U.S. children’s TV show that ran on PBS for nearly 800 shows. This sketch show became Sesame Street years later, but it all started here. Oh, and if you were watching very carefully you will see the man himself Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby too. Bill of course would be in the action series I Spy later in the decade with Robert Culp.
Henry Behar
Bob Schwarz
John Tracy
Chuck Jones (Coyote-Road Runner segments)

John Boni  writer
Sara Compton  writer
Paul Dooley  head writer (1971-1972)
Tom Dunsmuir  writer
Thad Mumford  writer (1972-1977)
Jeremy Stevens  writer
Jim Thurman  writer
Tom Whedon  head writer

David D. Connell executive producer
Joan Ganz Cooney executive producer
Andrew B. Ferguson Jr. producer
Samuel Y. Gibbon Jr. executive producer
Walt Rauffer executive producer
Wibby Ritchey associate producer
Edith Zornow producer

Luis Avalos – Various Characters (1972-1977)
Jimmy Boyd – Various Characters (as Jim Boyd)
Lee Chamberlin – Various Characters (1971-1973)
Bill Cosby – Various Characters (1971-1972)
Morgan Freeman – Various Characters
Judy Graubart – Various Characters
Skip Hinnant – Various Characters
Rita Moreno – Various Characters
Danny Seagren – Spider-Man (1974-1977)
Hattie Winston – Various Characters (1973-1977)
June Angela – Julie, member of the Short Circus
Gregg Burge – Dwayne, member of the Short Circus (1973-1975)
Irene Cara – Iris, member of the Short Circus (1971-1972)
Todd Graff – Jesse, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Douglas Grant – Zack, member of the Short Circus (1971-1973)
Melanie Henderson – Kathy, member of the Short Circus (1971-1975)
Bayn Johnson – Kelly, member of the Short Circus (1973-1975)
Steve Gustafson – Buddy, member of the Short Circus (1971-1975) (as Stephen Gustafson)
Rodney Lewis – Charlie, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Réjane Magloie – Samantha, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Janina Mathews – Gail, member of the Short Circus (1975-1977)
Denise Nickerson – Allison, member of the Short Circus (1972-1973)
Ken Roberts – Announcer (1971-1973)
Joan Rivers – Narrator of ‘The Adventures of Letterman’ (1972-1977) (voice)
Gene Wilder – Letterman (1972-1977) (voice)
Mel Brooks – (1973-1977) (voice)
Zero Mostel – Spellbinder (1972-1977) (voice)

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70’s Televison

What an amazing piece of kit our telly was. Can you imagine having to change channel by turning a knob to tune in BBC2 and forever getting up to realign the aerial and contrast, and the only way to stop the picture from rolling was to give the set a good thump? Do you remember that we only have three channels to watch? Thinking about it, the conversation was better at school next day as everyone seemed to be watching the same thing unlike nowadays where we have too much choice. Aye, the quality of programmes seem to have dwindled when you think back to what we had in our days.

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