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Chips,Yes but no Fish in Snooty Henley

By Declan Cunningham

At Henley-on-Thames, the home of the Royal Regatta,they are holding out against another great British institution … fish and chips. And last night the local council was accused of “Snobbery” in a row over a ban on the sale of fish at the town’s main street chip shop.

Customers at the shop in Hart Street can buy chicken and chips, pies and chips, and even battered sausage and chips,but never fish and chips.

Councillor Albert Spiers who runs the shop with his wife and son, has appealed to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government because the council refuses to let him fry fish.


His son Graham said; “It really is ridiculous and I am sure snobbery is behind it. “It seems that the street is too high-class for fish and chips. We are surrounded by antique shops and expensive restaurants.”

A spokesman for the town council of which Councillor Spiers is a member said “Snobbery is too strong a word. It is felt that a fish and chip shop is not appropriate for a place like Hart Street.”

The Woman with 240 Empties in her Backyard!

Poor Mrs Beryl Mepham could hardly move for empty bottles.
There they were-at least 240 of them waiting to be collected from her backyard.
And all because of a successful takeover bid.

Until a year ago the empties from her confectionary and tobacco shop in ferry road, Shoreham, were collected regularly by R White and Sons Ltd., a Brighton firm in Eastern Road,which had supplied all her soft drinks.

“Then they were taken over by the Whitbread group “explained Mrs Mepham”. And since then no one has been to collect the bottles. Now there’s such a large pile I can’t clear the yard. I’m also owed 3d on each bottle,”
Though she now buys her drink from another firm, the bottles are all stamped “R White.” Despite repeated appeals from Mrs Mepham, nobody ever arrived to take them away.

A Whitbread spokesman was quick to give Action Lines mobile unit an assurance that the bottles would be collected. “Leave the Matter to me.” he said “I’ll send a lorry round in the next few days, and of course, she’ll get her money back.

Sex may lure out ‘Nessie’


Watch it Nessie !! They’re trying to lure you out of the loch’s depths -with sex.

Four Americans think its the only way to get the Loch Ness monster out of that lair
The four, led by Mr Robert Rines, president of the Academy of Aplied Science in Belmont,Massachusetts,plan to use a mixture of sex and sonar devices.

The group will drop into the water of the loch the “sex essences’ of eels,sea cows,sea lions and other mammals and fish that might be related to Nessie.

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