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Chips,Yes but no Fish in Snooty Henley

By Declan Cunningham

At Henley-on-Thames, the home of the Royal Regatta,they are holding out against another great British institution … fish and chips. And last night the local council was accused of “Snobbery” in a row over a ban on the sale of fish at the town’s main street chip shop.

Customers at the shop in Hart Street can buy chicken and chips, pies and chips, and even battered sausage and chips,but never fish and chips.

Councillor Albert Spiers who runs the shop with his wife and son, has appealed to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government because the council refuses to let him fry fish.


His son Graham said; “It really is ridiculous and I am sure snobbery is behind it. “It seems that the street is too high-class for fish and chips. We are surrounded by antique shops and expensive restaurants.”

A spokesman for the town council of which Councillor Spiers is a member said “Snobbery is too strong a word. It is felt that a fish and chip shop is not appropriate for a place like Hart Street.”

The Woman with 240 Empties in her Backyard!

Poor Mrs Beryl Mepham could hardly move for empty bottles.
There they were-at least 240 of them waiting to be collected from her backyard.
And all because of a successful takeover bid.

Until a year ago the empties from her confectionary and tobacco shop in ferry road, Shoreham, were collected regularly by R White and Sons Ltd., a Brighton firm in Eastern Road,which had supplied all her soft drinks.

“Then they were taken over by the Whitbread group “explained Mrs Mepham”. And since then no one has been to collect the bottles. Now there’s such a large pile I can’t clear the yard. I’m also owed 3d on each bottle,”
Though she now buys her drink from another firm, the bottles are all stamped “R White.” Despite repeated appeals from Mrs Mepham, nobody ever arrived to take them away.

A Whitbread spokesman was quick to give Action Lines mobile unit an assurance that the bottles would be collected. “Leave the Matter to me.” he said “I’ll send a lorry round in the next few days, and of course, she’ll get her money back.

Sex may lure out ‘Nessie’


Watch it Nessie !! They’re trying to lure you out of the loch’s depths -with sex.

Four Americans think its the only way to get the Loch Ness monster out of that lair
The four, led by Mr Robert Rines, president of the Academy of Aplied Science in Belmont,Massachusetts,plan to use a mixture of sex and sonar devices.

The group will drop into the water of the loch the “sex essences’ of eels,sea cows,sea lions and other mammals and fish that might be related to Nessie.

Chaos hits Jordan

Report by Arthur Chesworth: Amman

Jordan is moving perilously close to civil war. Plans are ready for the evacuation of Britons.
Fierce new fighting exploded today when King Hussein’s army moved against the Arab guerrillas here in Amman and in the northern town of Irbid.

I am typing this report sitting on the marble floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, my back against the wall. This hotel is on a hill over looking the fighting in Amman.
The building is being shaken by explosions of heavy artillery shells and mortar bombs.

“The Snipers”

Movement outside is impossible,  the hotel is under constant sniper fire. All guests have been ushered down to the air raid shelter. Among them are mothers and children released by the Arab guerrillas from the Trans World and Swissair jets they hold in the desert.

The post office was attacked by guerrillas in the centre of the old city then they blasted away with mortars at army strongholds.

With Jordan on the brink of civil war Amman radio broadcast orders by army chief General Haditha and guerrilla chief Yasser Arafat. They directed their men to stop firing.
The fighting eased, but at nightfall sporadic automatic fire and rocket explosions could still be heard.

General Haditha is known to be sympathetic to the guerrillas , in his radio statement he said he had been entrusted with “full responsibility” by King Hussein.

Syria: Travellers from Jordan reaching the Syrian border town of Dera’a said Amman looked “as if it was burning”

“The Victims”

The travellers said that when they drove through the north Jordan town of Irbid guerrillas showed them the bodies of seven of their men killed and,it was alleged, beheaded by the soldiers.

London: There are thought to be about 4,000 Briton’s in Jordan, most of them in Amman, writes squire Barraclough.

The British ambassador, Mr John Philips, has warned them through a ” Warden system” to be ready to move quickly with minimum luggage.

In London last night it was not made clear how an evacuation would be carried out.
The international Red Cross might be asked to supervise the operation. R.A.F. Planes in Cyprus would be the nearest British aircraft for the job.

Washington: The U.S. is selling Israel more Phantom fighter bombers. The number is reported to be about 16.

Rindt Title Decision

Milan-Wednesday -The 1970 world championship title for Formula one car drivers will be ruled vacant if no one surpasses the 45 points gathered by the late Jochen Rindt.

The international auto sports commission meeting in Milan after the Italian Grand Prix at nearby Monza where Rindt died in time trials last Saturday said, if Rindt remains the point leader he will be the unofficial champion but no official post humous title would be conferred.

Clay v. Quarry ?

New York, Wednesday -Cassius Clay will meet Jerry Quarry of California in Atlanta,Georgia, on October 26,in Clay’s first fight in more than three years, it was said today.

The fighters will sign contracts tomorrow.

Millwall held up by fans “Invasion”

Stoke City 0 Millwall 0

One player sent off,another booked, no goals that’s the grim tally from this scrappy ill tempered League cup second round clash. And play was held up for two minutes in the second half as several hundred fans,suffering the fourth home goalless game out of five,trekked across the pitch in the rain to the covered stand.

Tempers flared in the second half,to a background of slow clapping. Stoke full back Jack Marsh brought down Millwall winger Doug Allder and was booked.

Three minutes later Millwall inside forward Eamonn Dunphy tackled Mick Bernard heavily. Bernard appeared to swing a punch and was sent off.

Millwall defended well in the first half and showed up Stoke’s critical weakness lack of a real goal getter.

Only Bernard, with two efforts from outside the area and striker John Ritchie, a 30th minute substitute for Willie Stevenson, looked like scoring.

Millwall gave the stoke defence some anxious moments in both halves. Wingers Allder and Steve Brown tested Gordon Banks with shots from all angles.

Paddy’s golden trail back to Co. Mayo

£285,000 pools win for man who left home broke !!
By Norman luck

From his small Irish town Patrick O’Malley set out with 4s, 6d in his pocket to make his fortune in England.

Yesterday , 12 years later he was getting ready to go back ….. With a cheque for £284,877.
His days of scrimping and saving to support his wife and four children back in Co. Mayo ended with a 5s bet on Littlewoods pools.

Paddy aged 66, had picked up a 5s win four weeks ago and last week he netted another 6s.

“The biggest”

And with the luck of the Irish he did it again on Saturday when he got 21 points and the pools biggest win for four years.

It was his search for fortune that gave him the winning line.

He put a cross against every English town he had worked in during the years he spent trying to make enough money to return permanently to Westport,Co,Mayo and his wife.
Paddy a £14-a-week labourer, said after being handed the cheque by Eurovision song contest winner Dana at a London hotel: ” I don’t really know what to do with the money.
Everything I’ve got is bought and paid for. I don’t want for anything. I will look after my family and retire to Westport.”


It will be back to the tiny terraced home,for a luxurious new house doesn’t figure in his plans. But there will be no more gardening at £7-a-week at the local school which he quit to come to England.

Paddy, who lodges in Stag Lane, Edgware, Middlesex and works for a nearby carburetter firm ,added : “I plan to go back to work once more to pick up my pay packet”
His wife Nora aged 55 said at home in Westport: ” It is wonderful news. Patrick has worked all his life and now this is his reward.  When paddy was leaving last May to go back to England after a holiday he told me he would stay at home for good when he won the pools !!!”

Watch Smethurst!

There could be a new start this season among the galaxy which already inhabits Stamford Bridge, young South African newcomer Derek’s Smethurst.

Smethurst sat on the substitutes bench during the Charity Shield match against Everton and didn’t get on the field. Obviously he will find it even harder to get a game when all Chelsea’s men are fit.

But manager Dave Sexton has been impressed by this young man’s shooting power. He expects the football public to hear a lot about him in time. And there is a body of opinion within the club that Smethurst has the hardest shot in football.

That could be quite a claim to live up to, especially when your clubmates include Peter Osgood, Ian Hutchinson and John Hollins. Chelsea have another young South African on their books, Richard Gomes, Anne Sexton expects him to go far. Another interesting addition is Peter Feeley, a strong fast centre forward signed from Enfield.

They’re off

Football league referees are to provide home club secretaries with a “shame sheet” at the end of trouble hit matches this season.

The sheet will give the names of players, and their clubs, who have been either cautioned or sent off during each game. The move is expected to help pressmen who sometimes find difficulty in checking up incidents which took place during matches and the public will be better informed.

At the end of each football league and FA Cup match, the referee will be required to write on a printed card the names and clubs of players who are either cautioned or sent off.

Details of the offences will not be given. The card must then be handed to the home club secretary. Reporters who wish to know if a player has, in fact, been cautioned, will then be able to contact the secretary for information.

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