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The Glitter Band

This group started as the backing group to the legendary rock and glam star Gary Glitter. Gary had huge hits in the 1970s including his major breakthrough single called Rock N Roll parts one and two. Gary had eleven top ten hits in the 1970s, and most of them were accompanied by his faithful backing band the Glitter Band.

The backing group were unofficially called the Glittermen, but they actually had their own identity in 1974. The Glitterband were ready to be a success on their own, and they released the very catchy Angel Face. The guys were now showing the British public that they were capable of stepping into pop stardom themselves.

Just For You was the next single, and the last single of 1974 gave them a number eight hit with the foot stomping Let’s Get Together Again. But 1975 they showed that they were capable of something more than glam rock music. They released what would become their biggest hit called Goodbye My Love which reached No. 2 in the UK charts of that year.

There were four more hits that year, but one failed to chart. The other three were the Tears I Cried a similar song to Goodbye My Love reaching No. 8, followed by Love In The Sun. In 1976 the last big hit for the group was People Like You, People Like Me which reached a very respectful No. 5.

Six more singles were released, but they all failed to chart in the 1970s. But the band continued to tour, and are still performing in some version around Europe.
In the history of the Glitter Band there were around eleven members of the group, and two have now passed on. Gerry Shephard and Roger Saunders were the members to have died.

On a good note I’ve noticed that the original vocalist John Springate has now rejoined the group.

Now I’ve seen these a couple of times but a little interestingly the first time I saw them I think they were a bit afraid of playing the Gay Glitter numbers but the second time they just went for it and it was brilliant. I can remember as they were finishing the lead vocalist thanked us for remembering the music and not the man and I think that’s how it should be.

For more info here’s a link for you Glitterband Fansite

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