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Rolf Harris

Rolf holds an amazing UK record as he was the very person in the decade of the 1970s to have a number one record. That record came out of his BBCTV Saturday night show called The Rolf Harris Show that ran through to 1974. Rolf Harris would sing, paint tell jokes, and would entertain the British nation during the 1960s. During one of his shows he asked his producer if he could perform live a song called Two Little Boys? Eventually the producer reluctantly agreed, as he did not see how a record written in 1902 by Theodore Morse and Edward Madden and a song that became a musical favourite at the time would be a hit in the show.

The song really excited Rolf and he sang it live on his TV show, even he was so surprised how well it was accepted in 1969, and he was advised by the TV musical arranger Alan Brandon to release the song as a single.

Well only a few weeks later this song sung by an Australian, which was about the American civil war was now a British No. 1. The song is about two brothers growing up during that civil war, and was voted by the ex-British prime minister Margaret Thatcher as her favourite record.
Even by 1977 the record was already in the British culture, as he sung it live on the Queens Jubilee in 1977. The song was very close to Rolf as he lost his brother at the age of 19, days before the end of the world war.

The song would not be Rolfs last, but it was his only hit in the 1970s. He had hits in the 1960s with hits like Tie Me Kangaroo Down and Jake The Peg. In the nineties he relaunched his career with Stairway To Heaven a 1970s classic from Led Zeppelin and is now firm favourite at Glastonbury music festival.

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