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David Cassidy

“ I’m just a daydreamer, I’m walking in the rain
Chasing after rainbows, I may never find again
Life is much too beautiful, to live it all alone
Oh how much I need someone, to call my very own”

In the 70’s teen-idol stakes you were either a David or Donny type of girl (I’m given to understand after talking to my sister!). In our family it was David who ruled as demonstrated by my sister’s multitude of posters and hogging of the TV whenever he was singing about daydreaming or puppies or whether something could be for ever. Thirty years on I can also admit to liking him but obviously at the time I insisted I was only watching the TV waiting for Pan’s People.

David was born into show business and was launched into the pop world via The Partridge Family. In the sitcom he was in a singing group alongside Shirley Jones (his real life stepmother) and Susan Dey. I don’t remember much of the shows because I spent most of my time looking at Susan Dey’s legs (I was a growing boy) but they launched The Partridge Family into the real recording world with David on vocals. As to be expected their run of hits corresponded with the airing of the show from ’70 to ’73, their biggest success being a number 3 with “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”.

David Cassidy was however destined for bigger things than just being the singer in a television based show and was launched as a solo artist, alongside working with The Partridge Family, in 1971 – with his looks and singing ability coupled with well written songs and corporate merchandising he was a teen idol in waiting. He didn’t have to wait too long for the adulation to find him and in April 1972 he had his first hit with “Could It Be Forever”. With a subsequent string of hit singles (“How Can I Be Sure”, “Daydreamer” for example) and sold-out tours (complete with requisite screaming fans and tabloid headlines) it seemed nothing could go wrong in his career. Obviously such a statement always precedes something negative and here it was the fans need to be near David. At a concert in May 1974 at White City a rush to the stage caused a number of fans to be hospitalised and killed one 14 year old. Whilst there were a couple of hits after this David’s time on the teen idol bandwagon had come to an end.

David Cassidy had never intended to be ‘just’ a teen idol and fell back on his acting abilities when the pop charts no longer beckoned, receiving an Emmy nomination in 1978 and appearing on Broadway in the early ‘80s. Finally in 1985 he returned to the charts for the last time with “The Last Kiss”.

David Cassidy still records, tours and has a loyal fan base that has grown up with him while his hits from the 70’s turn up when you least expect them – “I Think I Love You” was in Scream 2!

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