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Cliff Richard

Born way back in 1940 as Harry Webb, he had established major chart success in the 1960s, also a top rated live Saturday night entertainment “Its Cliff” and “The Cliff Richard show” 1970s on BBC TV. The TV programme, along with his strong religious beliefs. It is amazing to think that Harry had his first hit back in 1958 with Move It.

Cliff has never married, and he has always plagued by is he gay? Questions, but even in 2010, he just said it is no one’s business but his. He did have a relationship in the 1970s with ex Wimbledon star and BBC presenter Sue Barker, now the host of BBC TV’s A Question Of Sport.

In 1968 he represented Great Britain for the Eurovision song contest with “Congratulations” and then again in 1973 he entered the competition again with “Power to all our friends”, when he came third this time. He made the song a huge international hit despite not winning the competition. To have Cliff again in the Eurovision was amazing.

He was of course famous in the 1960s with Sumer Holiday, and he tried to recreate that again in the 1970s with the film called “Take me high”. It starred Olivia Newton John and Cliff, it should of worked but it was not a high point in his career. To be honest the film was a stinker.

Moving into 1976, Cliff changed direction from the god fearing boy next door, and actually released a record with the word DEVIL in it, “Devil Woman”. Those loyal to the old Cliff were not too sure, but it brought him even more fans and the song was even a big hit in the US. Cliff had now shaken off his holy than though image.

He ended the decade with “We don’t talk any more”, it is not widely known, but Bryan Ferry was singing on that record too.

Cliff was so huge in the 1970s and won award after award.

Brit Awards 1977 – Best British male solo artist during the past 25 years

The Sun Reader Polls

1970/71/72 – Male Pop Personality

NME Reader Polls Awards in 1970/71/72

Sir Cliff, is thought to be worth about £50milion, and mainly lives in Portugal and Barbados; however he is always giving to charity, and in 2012 played a montage of his hits at the Buckingham Palace 60th Jubilee party

Some of his hits in the 1970s included

The joy of living
Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha
I ain’t got time any more
Sunny honey girl
Silvery rain
Flying machine
Sing a song of freedom
Living in harmony
A brand new song
Power to all our friends
Help it along
Days of love
Take me high
You keep me hanging on
It’s only me you left behind
Honky tonk angel
Miss you nights – One of my favourites
Devil woman
I can’t ask for any more than you – Famous for him using his falsetto
Hey Mr. dream Maker
My kinda life
When two worlds drift apart – beautiful track give it a listen This was written by a guy called Peter Sills who, I believe, is now a music teacher in Billericay, Essex.

Try a smile
Yes he lives
Can’t take the hurt any more
Green light
We don’t talk any more
Hot shot

The list is amazing, and I repeat that is just from the 1970s. For me Cliff is a national legend, and the man has been the part of the pop scene from 1958 right up to now. Oh, and he never did marry.

For more info visit Cliff Richard 

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