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Cilla Black

Our Cilla shared the Beatles manager through until 1973. She of course was a friend of the Beatles having toured with them through the 1960s and sharing their home town of Liverpool. Seventeen chart hits in the 60s including two number one singles. Anyone Who Had A Heart and You’re My World both in 1964.

Pricilla White was born in 1943.And to us younger ones in the 1970s she claimed the Saturday night TV schedules with Cliff Richard. Cilla had a live show called Cilla. Do you remember it? In fact it was on Cilla that Cliff Richard was chosen to sing Power To All Our Friends in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest.

Released in 1969 but into the top twenty in 1970 came If I Thought You Ever Change Your Mind reaching No. 20.  It was true to say that Cilla was now more of a TV entertainer than a pop star, but she still managed a foot print on the pop of the 1970s. It was the classic Something Tells Me (Something’s Gonna To Happen Tonight0 that gave her a top three single. The song was written by the guys behind all the Blue Mink songs Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway.

Something tells me, something’s gonna happen tonight
I read in the papers that Gemini people will make it tonight
Stars will be shining, my sign is aligning with love
So come on and make it
Let’s take everything that we’ve been dreaming of

Oh baby, something tells me, something’s gonna happen to you
The smile on my face is the smile you’ll wear in a moment or two
So get it together, you see it’s gonna be alright
Something tells me, something’s gonna happen tonight”

Although our Cilla was on TV with BLIND DATE, her chart success was over. But Cilla has been there on our TV all through the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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