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Blue Mink

This British group had six chart hits during their career, and was formed by organ player Roger Coulam in 1969. He called in vocalist Madeline Bell who was a session singer for Dusty Springfield, and Madeline released three albums herself in the 1970s.

So we waved our hands as we marched along
And the people smiled as we sang our song
And the world was saved as they listened to the band.
And the Banner-Man held the banner high
He was ten feet tall and he touched the sky
And I wish that I could be a Banner-Man.

Another member of Blue Mink was Roger Cook who wrote so amazing songs with Roger Greenaway. These included Blue Mink’s Banner Man and Melting Pot. He also co-wrote Blame It On The Pony Express, Freedom Come Freedom Go, Home Lovin’ Man, I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony all great 1970 classic hits.

Blue Mink was the place for another group member called Herbie Flowers who composed the British No. 1 record Grandad by Clive Dunn. He was also a member of the pop group CCS and T.Rex during the 1970s and was the co-founder of the group Sky in 1979. Herbie also played bass on The War Of The Worlds album.

So with such a pedigree of members it was not surprising that Blue Mink would have many chart hits in the 1970s. The first 1970s single was Good Morning Freedom in 1970, followed by Our World. The 1971 hit Banner Man would be their biggest UK chart hit for the group getting to No. 3.

1972 saw the beautiful record Stay With Me released, followed in 1973 by the fast paced Randy, which was probably a great song for the group to go out on. Blue Mink were also the singers and composers of one of the most famous jingle packages ever in the UK. They were the guys behind Capital 194 jingles, which became some of the most favourite British pop radio station jingles ever.

The band split in 1974 and reformed unsuccessfully in 1976 with Mike Moran who went onto to be the British Eurovision Song Contest entry in the early 1980s.

For more info go to Madeline Bell

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