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While I was doing a little research on this band I found out that their sound never crossed the Atlantic. This is something that both amazed and saddened me. For all those people not to have heard this band in their hey day is such a missed opportunity I can’t begin to tell you. The only advice I can give to you U.S guys is to get Tiger Feet or Dyna-Mite onto your turntable as soon as you can for you are missing out on one of the hottest rock n roll bands of the mid 70’s. They were such a fun group, never taking themselves seriously and it showed right through from the singles to their live performances.

They began life in the 1966 as a pure rock n roll band with Les Grey – Singer, Dave Mount – Drummer – Vocals, Ray Stiles – Bass – Vocals and Rob Davis Lead guitar & vocals, but it wasn’t until the early 70’s when they were signed up by Mickie Most, the producer for the RAK label, that they finally had some record success. With a new songwriting/production team behind them in the guise of Chinnichap they at last had some success. They again released two singles *Crazy* & *Hypnosis* which this time made the top twenty.

They finally hit the big time later in that year by an amazing quirk of fate.
Dyna-mite, a catchy rocking tune, which was originally written for and turned down by The Sweet, was made into a top 5 single and with this the Mud sound was born.

They quickly followed this up with the classic Tiger Feet, which went to number one and stayed there for four weeks. The next single The Cat Crept In, made the top 3 and Les’s Presley impersonation did the band proud. They were out to have fun and you could see it in their performances in concert or on Top of the Pops.

They released so many great singles but if I had to pick one or two out as my favourites it would have to be, Tiger Feet – still a party favourite, Lean on me – A cover of Bill Withers which I in fact prefer and last of all but not least Oh Boy the Buddy Holly cover.

Les Grey has very sadly passed away, he will be greatly missed but his music will live on.

I have to thank Tom for his help in making this page possible so if you want to find out more go to his superb site Mud Reborn

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