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Derby County 1960’s – 1970’s home top. Pictured is John O’Hare who scored 65 goals in 248 games for the rams. His career took shape under the guidance of Derby County manager Brian Clough when he moved from Sunderland for £20,000 in 1967. There was initial criticism of him as he was seen as a large but slow forward. However, Clough persisted with him and in his second season he justified his fee and went on to establish a lethal partnership with Kevin Hector as they went on to lead Derby County to the title of First Division Champions in 1972. He followed Clough to Leeds Utd, however, he endured a frustrating spell there as Clough left Leeds after only 44 days into the job and O’Hare was shipped off to Nottingham Forest in February 1975 to rejoin Clough where he won league titles and a European Cup.

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