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Zoltan – Hound of Dracula

Zoltan – Hound of Dracula – 1978
There’s More To The Legend Than Meets… The Throat!
Albert Band

Frank Ray Perilli

Albert Band producer
Philip Collins executive producer
Frank Ray Perilli producer

Michael Pataki – Michael Drake
Reggie Nalder – Veidt Smith
José Ferrer – Inspector Branco
Jan Shutan – Marla Drake
Libby Chase – Linda Drake
John Levin – Steve Drake
Simmy Bow – Fisherman
JoJo D’Amore – Fisherman
Arlene Martel – Maj. Hessel
Cleo Harrington – Pat Parks
Roger Pancake – Sheriff
Tom Gerrard – Maslov, the guard
Bob Miller – Lieutenant
Gordon McGill – Second Officer
Lou Schumacher – Customs Inspector
Carl Morrison – Customs Inspector
Dimitri Logothetis – Corporal
Joan Leone – Car Rental Agent
Al Ferrara – Al, the deputy
Katherine Fitzpatrick – Dracula’s Victim
John Kirby –
Roger Schumacher – Hiker

Review by Sven Soetemans

Down, boy…good Zoltan!
Oh my…I can’t believe they actually made a film out of this silly theme! I was really wondering whether it would as foolish as the title leads you to suspect. Apparently, you don’t need any writing skills if you’re working with Albert Band. I know, respect the dead and stuff (Albert Band recently passed away, in 2002) but he and his son Charles made, wrote and produced an awful lot of bad horror and sci-fi films in their lifetimes.

isualize the cheesiest and silliest image that pops up in your head, and you’ve got an idea what The Hound of Dracula is about! There really is a DOG buried in a coffin with a wooden stick through his heart and he comes to life! He’s controlled by a half-ling – a vampire who can stand daylight – and together, they search for the last ascendant of Count Dracula since they need a new master.

In short, Veidt Smith is some sort of `Renfield’ and he lets his dog do all the dirty work.

Hold your breath…it becomes even better! They raise a whole army of Vampire dogs…how about that?! The Hound of Dracula is filled with bad acting, uninspired twists and lame scenery. Even the killing scenes aren’t bloody enough to bother. Most of the time, it just looks like a hilarious comedy or a sadistic spoof but the only problem is…they didn’t intend it to be funny!

My only respect in this pile of rbage goes out to dogs themselves and to the people who trained them! They did a good job and surely deserved a better screenplay to work with.

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