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Who Can Kill A Child

Who Can Kill A Child -1976
Quién puede matar a un niño?
Today-the terror is unbelievable Tomorrow -it could be true!
Chicho Ibáñez-Serrador

Chicho Ibáñez-Serrador (as Luis Peñafiel)
Juan José Plans novel El Juego

Manuel Pérez production director
Manuel Salvador executive producer

Lewis Fiander – Tom
Prunella Ransome – Evelyn
Antonio Iranzo – Tourist (father of crying girl)
Miguel Narros
María Luisa Arias – (as Ma Luisa Arias)
Marisa Porcel
Juan Cazalilla
Luis Ciges – Postman
Antonio Canal –
Aparicio Rivero
Fabián Conde – Camera shop clerk
Andrès Gomez
Maria Druille – Child (Crying daughter)
Javier De La Camara – Child (Leader)
Lourdes De La Camara – Child (Lourdes)
Marián Salgado – Child
Roberto Naula – Child
Cristina Torres – Child
José Luis Romero – Child
Luis Maleas – Child
Juan Antonio Balandín – Child
Pedro Balandín – Child
Adela Blanco – Child
Carlos Parra – Child
Julio Jesús Parra – Child
Juan Carlos Romero – Child

Review by Sven Soetemans

Deeply disturbing horror masterpiece!,
It literally took me YEARS purchasing this movie and, now that I finally own it, it’s still difficult to follow as it is an exclusively Spanish version. Still, every effort I ever took for finding it was worth it, as this is a magnificent piece of horror cinema and easily one of the most disturbing films I ever beheld. The premise of “Quién Puede Matar…” is highly original and compelling. Even though it’s likely that the script is mildly inspired by both “Lord of the Flies” and “Rosemary’s Baby”, it definitely feels unique and like something you’ve never seen before.

The story introduces us to a young couple who take a side-trip to a remote Spanish island where the abandoned streets and ominous silence soon indicates that this is a cursed place. The island’s children are seemly under the influence of a (never explained) supernatural evil that forces them to slaughter adults! Before Tom and Evelyn properly begin to understand and accept what’s going on, they’re in great danger and chased by a merciless army of young maniacs.

Even though “Quién puede matar a un niño” is European and made in the 70’s, it isn’t a gross film. The emphasis lies on the atmosphere and the violence is more suggestive than explicit. There are, nonetheless, a handful of unsettling sequences that involve quite some bloodshed and shocking material. The absolute highlight unquestionably is a scene showing a group of kids playing a seemly harmless game. But then the camera moves up and we see how they’re actually molesting the cadaver of an elderly man…which is quite a jaw-dropping sight.

Director Ibañez-Serrador makes excellent use of the tropical climate and the isolated island-location while the chilling music even increases the already unbearably high suspense-level. The most powerful aspect about this film is probably that we’re constantly guessing for the kids’ diabolical urge to kill. The mesmerizing opening credits, showing flashes of news bulletins revolving on abused or starving children, hints us that maybe it’s an act of revenge although this is never confirmed.

With this praising review, I hope to stimulate many people in tracking this masterpiece down! This is true horror and great viewing for the real fans. Here’s to hoping that this gem soon receives a proper and world-wide DVD release

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