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Thundercrack! – 1975
Curt McDowell

Marion Eaton
Melinda McDowell
George Kuchar





Review by Wayne Malin

Saw it MANY years ago…,
at a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Porno black & white parody of horror films. On a dark and stormy night a bunch of people are stranded in a very strange house run by a very strange woman. During the night various (hardcore) sex occurs. And they throw in a gorilla too (!!!!) I saw an edited print (it only ran 90 minutes) but the hardcore sex was in there. There’s a (mild) lesbian sequence and an explicit gay sex scene where Toydy (Rick Johnson) tops Bond (Ken Scudder). What’s surprising is how casually it’s all treated…but this was before AIDS hit. The gay scene has never left my mind. Johnson looks like a hippie but Scudder was handsome and had a nice body.

The acting sucks (no pun intended), the straight sex scenes are dull and the plot goes hilariously out of control at the end. Not good but the gay scene is nice. I’d like to know where to get a print of this.

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