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The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special – 1978
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo battle evil Imperial forces to help Chewbacca
David Acomba
Steve Binder

George Lucas uncredited
Pat Proft
Leonard Ripps
Bruce Vilanch
Rod Warren

Monroe E. Carol associate producer
Dwight Hemion executive producer
Joe Layton producer
Rita Scott associate producer
Gary Smith executive producer
Jeff Starsh producer
Ken Welch producer
Mitzie Welch producer

Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford – Han Solo
Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia Organa
Anthony Daniels – C-3PO
Peter Mayhew – ‘Chewie’ Chewbacca
James Earl Jones – Darth Vader (voice)
Beatrice Arthur – Ackmena
Art Carney – Saundan
Diahann Carroll – Mermeia Holographic Wow
Marty Balin – Holographic Band Singer (as The Jefferson Starship)
Craig Chaquico – Holographic Band Member (as The Jefferson Starship)
Paul Kantner – Holographic Band Member (as The Jefferson Starship)
Harvey Korman – Krelman/Chef Gormaanda/Amorphian instructor
Mickey Morton – ‘Malla’ Mallatobuck
Paul Gale – ‘Itchy’ Attichitcuk
Patty Maloney – ‘Lumpy’ Lumpawarrump
Jack Rader – Imperial Guard Officer
Stephanie Stromer – The Great Zorbak (Holographic Gymnast)
Michael Potter – Imperial Guard Officer
Wazzan Troupe – Holographic Tumblers
YĆ»ichi Sugiyama – Ringleader
Mum Brothers – The Reeko Brothers
Claude Woolman – Imperial Officer (wallscreen)
Lev Mailer – Imperial Guard #1
John McLaughlin –
Alec Guinness – Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (archive footage)
David Prowse – Darth Vader )
Arthur Rowton – Zutton Zutmore
Leslie Schofield – Chief Bast

Review by Jack Gatanella

Lucas tried to burn every copy of this (tried),

I can see why Lucas would take the action he would against this piece; TV took his characters and actors and created a spectacularly cheesy and laughably stupid special with characters never created by Lucas (or even the writers from the Star Wars novels). Who are these characters? Well, it gets in part with the story, where in which Han and Chewie have to get back to Chewie’s home planet and, yes, family- his wife Mala, his father Iggy, his son Lumpy, to celebrate life day.

The highlight of this program, of course, is the cartoon where in which we see the first sign of Boba Fett (although with episode II in chronological order that comes first), and the rest of it has the cast members singing songs and delivering bad, bad acting. But what was weird was that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen the whole show, it was basically the Star Wars train wreck. You will laugh at its incredible ridiculousness if you have a sense of humor, but if you are a strident Star Wars fan who loves the intense action and mystery from the saga (and believe me I’m one of them also), walk away from it, never happened.
Art Carney, Bea Arthur, Jefferson Starship and Diahann Caroll co-star.

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