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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

The Pink Panther Strikes Again – 1976
The newest, Pinkest Panther of all!
Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards
Frank Waldman

Tony Adams associate producer
Blake Edwards producer

Peter Sellers – Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau
Herbert Lom – Former Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus
Lesley-Anne Down – Olga Bariosova
Burt Kwouk – Cato
Colin Blakely – Section Director Alec Drummond
Leonard Rossiter – Superintendent Quinlan
Andr̩ Maranne РSgt. Fran̤ois Chevalier
Byron Kane – Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
Howard K. Smith – Himself (scenes deleted)
Dick Crockett – President Gerald Ford
Richard Vernon – Professor Hugo Fassbender
Briony McRoberts – Margo Fassbender
Dudley Sutton – Hugh McClaren
Murray Kash – Dr. Zelmo Flek (scenes deleted)
Hal Galili – Danny Salvo
Robert Beatty – Admiral
Bob Sherman – CIA Agent
Phil Brown – Virginia Senator
Jerry Stovin – Aide
Paul Maxwell – CIA Director
Michael Robbins – Ainsley Jarvis
Vanda Godsell – Mrs. Leverlilly
Norman Mitchell – Mr. Bullock
Patsy Smart – Mrs. Japonica
Tony Sympson – Mr. Shork
George Leech – Mr. Stutterstutt
Harold Berens – Hotel Clerk (scenes deleted)
Deep Roy – Italian Assassin
Geoffrey Bayldon – Dr. Claude Duval
Graham Stark – Munich Hotel Clerk/Alpenros Hotel Clerk)
Anthony Chinn – Chinese Assassin
Ivan Hunte – Piano Player
Josh Little – Drummer
Joe Sampson – Bass Player
Gordon Hunte – Guitar Player
Kevin Scott – M.C
John Clive – Chuck
Chris Langham – Police Driver (as Christopher Langham)
James Warrior – Police Constable
Gordon Rollings – Inmate (as Gordon Rawlings)
Joan Rhodes – Daphne
Damaris Hayman – Fiona
Patrick Jordan – Detective
Richard Bartlett – Young Man
John Sullivan – Jean Tournier
Dinny Powell – Marty the Mugger
Terry Richards – Bruce the Knife
Bill Cummings – Hindo Harry
Terry Yorke – Cairo Fred (as Terry York)
Terence Plummer – 1st Kidnapper
Peter Brace – 2nd Kidnapper
Cyd Child – Bruno the Bouncer
Eddie Stacey – West German Assassin
Herb Tanney – Norwegian Assassin (as Sado Tanney)
Joe Powell – Taxi Passenger
Fred Haggerty – Munich Hotel Doorman
Jack Cooper – Service Repair Man (scenes deleted) (as Jackie Cooper)
Joanna Dickens – Fat Lady (scenes deleted)
Priceless McCarthy – Stewardess (scenes deleted)
Terence Maidment – West German Assassin (as Terry Maidment)
Fran Fullenwider – Fat Lady (scenes deleted)
Marne Maitland – Deputy Commissioner Lasorde (scenes deleted)
Shawn McAllister – Longshoreman (uncredited)
Omar Sharif – Egyptian Assassin (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

Probably The Best In The Series,
THE PINK PANTHER movies ? Started off well but then soon outlived their welcome in my opinion , I mean a French policeman with a silly accent , just how much milage can you get out of that ? But this 1976 offering is probably the best in the series simply down to the fact the best laughs are darkly comical rather than slapstick , an early example with Clouseau asking ” How ? ” to be followed a couple of minutes by a laugh out loud scene featuring a couple of old ladies . There’s also a very funny sub plot of the world’s best assassins trying to bump off Clouseau which includes several funny scenes . I don’t feel any guilty at laughing at people dying in this movie.

There are some weaker points like an overlong scene where Inspector Quinlan gives a shocked look which is embarrassing rather than amusing , and as some of the other people on this page has mentioned the movie does feel rather episodic at some points but I have no hesitation in saying this is Blake Edwards funniest comedy

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