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The Other

The Other – 1972
Robert Mulligan

Tom Tryon

Uta Hagen
Diana Muldaur
Chris Udvarnoky


Review by Wayne Malin

A great, great horror film,

As someone has mentioned, this is the kind of film no one talks about but never forgets. A VERY creepy tale of two twins–one good, the other evil–and what happens one summer.

The setting is beautiful (1920s Midwest), the acting is superb (especially those creepy twins) and there is a real shocking twist halfway through. Also there are a few death scenes in the movie all done with no blood or gore, but they’re among the scariest I’ve ever seen. I’ll NEVER forget the shot of someone falling down a well or the father falling down a ladder and landing headfirst on a cement floor. It also ends on a very ambiguous note–the book is clearer.

This is not a horror film that leaps out at you–the scares in it are quiet ones. An unique and excellent psychological horror film–DO NOT MISS IT!!!

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