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The Internecine Project

The Internecine Project – 1974
Ken Hughes

Mort W. Elkind novel Internecine
Barry Levinson
Jonathan Lynn

Andrew Donally co-producer
Barry Levinson producer

James Coburn – Robert Elliot
Lee Grant – Jean Robertson
Harry Andrews – Albert Parsons
Ian Hendry – Alex Hellman
Michael Jayston – David Baker
Christiane Kr├╝ger – Christina Larsson
Keenan Wynn – E.J. Farnsworth
Terence Alexander – Business tycoon
Philip Anthony – Eliott’s secretary
Julian Glover – Arnold Pryce-Jones
Mary Larkin – Jean’s secretary
Ewan Roberts – Lab technician
David Swift – Chester Drake
Rolf Wanka – Art dealer
Ray Callaghan – TV producer
Ralph Ball – Boyfriend
Susan Majolier – Lab assistant
Brian Tully – Businessman #1
Michael Nightingale – Businessman #2
Carrie Kirstein – Air hostess
Richard Cornish – Co-pilot
Geoffrey Burridge – Floor manager
Robert Tayman – Mixer
Judy Robinson – Production assistant
Kevin Scott – Maxwell

Review by Theo Robertson

The Internecine Project (1974)

Clever Movie With A Stand Out Character Played By Harry Andrews,
I’m amazed that THE INTERNECINE PROJECT has not received the recognition it deserves. I saw it a couple of times in the early 1980s and despite not seeing it for almost 25 years it’s still lodged in my mind as being a clever thriller . Perhaps I shall never watch it in case it’s not as good as I remember . The plot centres around former secret agent Robert Elliot ( Played suavely by James Coburn in one of his best roles) gaining a White House promotion , just the first step in a long and successful political career . There’s just one thing and that is there’s several people who know about Elliot’s past and Elliot can’t allow his dirty secrets to be revealed by anyone

I won’t reveal the plot but it’s smart and there’s a twist at the end . But for me the best part of the movie is where Elliot visits the home of military veteran Albert Parsons played by Harry Andrews . Parsons and his collection of cats warmly greet Elliot , but it’s obvious by his mannerism that Elliot has something on his mind :

” We’ve got a problem ”
” A problem sir ? ” asks Parsons
” It’s to do with a woman ”
Parsons is shocked ” A WOMAN SIR ? ”
Elliot rubs his chin and studies Albert ” She’s a sort of high class whore ”

By now Parsons is having convulsions and spitting his hatred ” THEY’RE ALL WHORES THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM , YOU CAN’T TRUST ANY THEM SIR , NOT ANY OF THEM ”

Hmmm I wonder if Albert Parsons is a repressed homosexual ?

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